Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Live Aid - 24 Years Ago

This is one of those "God I feel OLD" posts. I found out that the Live Aid concerts - held in Philadelphia and London to raise money/awareness for African famine relief - happened exactly 24 years ago (yesterday).

I can remember that day perfectly. I had just graduated from Carlisle (PA) High School, and was working at the local McDonald's. It ended up being a slow day at work, so I BEGGED to go home early so I could watch Live Aid.

Even though the biggest names in music at the time performed that day, some of the lesser known acts were the biggest deal for me. First of all, Madonna (above) - who was just an up-and-coming pop star in 1985 - famously said "I ain't taking SHIT off today" in reference to the nude photos that had recently been published of her. And Madonna finished her set by performing "Love Makes The World Go Round" with the THOMPSON TWINS! Squeeeeeee!!!!!!

Here is another highlight (for me) that not many others will remember. A big deal at the Philadelphia concerts was the performance by local Philly band The Hooters. They had a minor hit with "And We Danced" and they also wrote the Cyndi Lauper hit "Time After Time" - and since they were from Philly, they got to open the Philadelphia concerts. Trust me, the Hooters were BIG in my part of Pennsylvania at the time, so it was a huge deal. I even saw The Hooters in concert later that summer at Hershey Stadium.

But the biggest performance of Live Aid for me occurred at the London concert by two performers who were not nearly as popular as the other superstars. In the middle of his set, Paul "Every Time You Go Away" Young introduced former Yaz singer Alison Moyet - and they performed "That's The Way Love Is"...

I was in HEAVEN! I would later see Paul Young in concert at Penn State, and I finally got to see Alison Moyet perform last year during the Yaz reunion tour.

Yes, of all the huge superstars (Bowie, Queen, U2, The Who, Jagger, Spandau Ballet, Dylan) - the parts I remember most were Madonna talking about taking off her clothes, a Philly band called The Hooters, and the Paul Young/Alison Moyet duet. No wonder I don't write a music blog...

Anybody else remember Live Aid? Anybody ATTEND Live Aid??


Wonder Man said...

I do, I watched it on TV. I wanted to be there

Beth said...

Oh, I totally remember Live Aid! Arranged by Sir Bob Geldof, of one of my favorites 80's bands, the Boomtown Rats. I remember the Hooters, and saw them in Indy quite a few years ago. They put on a good show, but I didn't realize they were from your neck of the woods!

Wow, hard to believe that was 24 years ago...!

In '89 (I think), I went to a Farm Aid show in Indy. Whew, some wild stories from that show.... XOXO Beth

Jennie said...

I remember watching it on TV and hating that I lived in effing FRESNO! Never mind the starving children, just get me out of Farm Hell!

I can feel my damn bones creaking now.

Distant Lover said...

OMG you took me back.
Wasn't the 80's the best time for music?!!!
I loved all of the bands from England in the 80's!
Culture Club, Wham, Sade, Simply Red, The Police, all of whom performed at Live Aid.
I don't feel old, I feel lucky!
I feel sorry for kids nowadays.
The music doesn't have the magic that it did back then and listening to it now brings back such good memories. (I was in high school,too and Live Aid was a highlight!)
With the passing of the King of Pop, who RULED the 80's in music and fashion (along with Madonna and Prince) I sincerely hoped that AEG will organize another Live Aid type of event.
God knows we need Live Aid NOW!!!!

Howard said...

Well I remeber Live Aid-I was outta college and living in NYC with Bill. I was glued to the TV, and loved many of the acts, like the Boomtown Rats, Ultravox, Led Zeppelin, and so many others. I sat in Brooklyn, drinking and doing a VHS recording that has long since died.

Joy said...

I can't believe it was 24 years ago, either. I watched it on TV and was older then than most of you are now. Why did I go there?

Beth said...

I remember watching this for HOURS...and I LOVED me some Paul Young!

and Distant Lover is so right....the 80's were the BEST for music....just the best. ahhh, Simply Red...loved them.

theminx said...

Holy crap - was it 24 years ago? :::geeze:::

And Paul Young...:::swoon::: lurrvvved him!

(love you too)

Mark in DE said...

Yes, I remember watching this on TV, too. God, I am so old.

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