Sunday, July 19, 2009

Murdered Woman Was Bodybuilder's Sister

Here in NYC I've been following the gruesome story of Eridania Rodriguez (above), a cleaning woman who was found murdered in the building she worked in. Rodriguez disappeared on July 7th from her job in lower Manhattan, and was found bound and gagged four days later in an air duct. Apparently she died from asphyxiation, so police think Rodriguez was alive when she was dumped down the air conditioning shaft. Horrible.

Joseph Pabon (above), an Elevator Operator in the building, has always been a suspect in the murder, and he was finally arrested on Friday.

I really began paying attention to this story when I heard a newscaster say that Eridania's brother was Victor Martinez. Martinez (below) is a world-class bodybuilder who I have featured on my blog before.

Here is a video of the news report right after the body was found, and before Pabon was arrested - featuring Victor Martinez. My heart really goes out to Victor and his family.

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Beth said...

this whole thing is sad....I didn't know they finaloy arressted someone in this case. Now I hope they can make it stick and he goes to prison.

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