Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Notes with Howard - Alison Moyet

Music Blogger extraordinaire Howard blogged earlier today about one of my favorite singers of all time - Alison Moyet. Some of you may remember that I had the pleasure of seeing Moyet in concert in June 2008 (as part of the Yaz reunion tour) - which was absolutely thrilling for me.

Enjoy Howard's excellent post about a most excellent vocalist...

Alison Moyet - by Howard

alison moyet
alison moyet
alison moyet alison moyet

I was watching Graham Norton Saturday night [yes, I lead such a glamorous life] and on came Alison Moyet, looking rather sharp. I have loved her voice for so long - since she was in the band Yaz [Yazoo for th0se outside the US], her voice wailing on some remarkable songs. She went on to Graham's show to promote the release of a new greatest hits collection. She was rather amusing during the chat part, and sang All Cried Out for the musical portion. I love that song.

Her first solo project after Yaz was a wonderful album named Alf in 1984. The second single was All Cried Out, but her first single was Love Resurrection. Both went top 10 in the UK singles chart, and Resurrection made it into the US top 100, hitting #82. But it is one of the many favorites I have, with my enduring love for Alison.

Alison continued to put out albums over the next decade, and in 1985 put out Singles, a greatest hits collection. It included a cover of First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, with was a thrilling and interesting take on a classic. It was previously unreleased. The richness of her voice is just mesmerizing to me.

To find more about what Alison Moyet is up to, visit her website here. If, like me, you have to have her latest, you can find it here.


Wonder Man said...

good stuff

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I love her!

SteveA said...

I am a huge fan. Alf was an amazing album and the 12" single for Invincible is awesome,
She was that blue -eyed soul who's voice was huge and dark and raspy - love her!

Realtor in Toronto said...

Hi. I love her songs. You are absolutely right that she is one of the best vocalists. It would be very nice to see and listen her live performance e.g. here in Toronto. One of my favorite songs is exactly The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Her voice is amazing. You are the lucky one that you had the pleasure to be on her concert.

Take care,

jojo said...

She is wonderful. I remember riding around in my dad's car and listening to his casettes - if i remeber correctly it was Alison Moyet, Suzanne Vega, Terence Trent D'arby, and Freddie Mercury. Can you believe the man is straight!! lol. Great music.

Catdoomikie said...

caught Alison's gig at Nottingham and have to say its the best i've ever heard her perform. The Highlight of my year 2009.

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