Thursday, May 22, 2008

Featured Model - Anthony


Beth said...


chef_the_city said...

sweet, merciful jesus that man is fine.

Anonymous said...

A is for asking for Anthony's creme.
N is for noting his looks are a dream.
T is for tapping, my ass he can do.
H is for happy, he'll make me so true
O is for on-me, I invite him to be.
N is for in-me, up in me, the glee!
Y is for Yes, the only answer I'll say,
When Anthony calls me and makes it a great day.

Anthony is fucking hot. I'm a little stoned so my friend here is helping me correct the spelling. I hope it all cums out ok.

My friend likes Anthony too.


secretboogie said...


Howard said...

Anthony leaves me speechless. I just want to find myself in a with him in a steamroom with a towel shortage and a lock on the door.

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