Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Opposite of Pride = HATE

Neal Anthony of McMinnville, Tennessee has been a target of anti-gay attacks on his home for the past 13 months. The attacks continued recently (story from Towleroad):

"Vandals sprayed and splattered hate-filled words on his property Friday morning. Anthony said it's because of his sexuality. 'I'm not out there in my yard running naked, or being with my partner doing all these sex acts or anything like that,' said Anthony. Virtually every square foot of the property is within camera range, but this spray paint assault went undetected. The vandals cut the lines to Anthony's cameras, security lights, landscape lights and even severed power to the main house and his phone line. Anthony said this is the ninth assault on his property and he fears the attack might escalate from personal possessions to people. The suspected vandals also spray painted "Dorothy's in Hell' referring to Neal's mother, who passed away in December."

This is some scary shit. He lives out in the middle of nowhere, and someone comes and cuts the power to his property as well as his phone line. He could have been killed and no one would have known. This kind of thing makes ME want to hurt people!...

I realize this is not just a Tennessee thing, or even a southern thing – it’s an IGNORANT ASSHOLE REDNECK COUSIN-FUCKING DIRT-EATING MORON THING. This same thing could have just as easily happened where I grew up (in Central PA) or almost anywhere in rural America. Disgusting.

And the Republicans think we don’t need laws to help prevent gay-bashing and other hate crimes. Furthermore, they don’t even think that teaching TOLERANCE toward gay people is acceptable. So very Christian of them. Again, disgusting.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. This makes me so mad I want to just smack them upside their tiny ignorant heads. Not very Christian of me, either, but this kind of persecution is inexusable. My prayers are with that poor man and his partner, for their protection and encouragement in the face of ignorant prejudice.

Beth said...

where do I begin....I HATE it when "Christians" say it's "wrong, it says so in the Bible"..I hate that they hide behind the Bible for their ignorance and hatred. the Bible also says "love thy neighbor". My husband is one of "those" people, and this is one of THE biggest fights we have...I was just yelling at him last night about this crap! I told him that "it's in the Bible" that God will judege him with the same level of judgement that he holds other people to, and NO ONE can stand up under THAT judgement. wasn't it just a few years ago that it was against the law for him to even marry me???!!! And our kids! there are soooo many people out there who think it's AWFUL that my kids even exist....mixed races like theya re...disgusting.

Don't get me started on this cuz it just makes me so mad. The intolerance of people is amazing...aren't we all Human Beings? so what if you don't "approve" of who/or what your neighbor does in the privacy of his own has nothing to do with you!! people love who they love...regardless if it's a "sin" or "wrong" or "right"...why can't we just accept people for who they are and what they contribute to society? Are people that scared of thier OWN sexuality that they have to attack other people to feel better?

I see things from a different kids are "different" than other kids...and just remember how hard it was for my own cousin to come out to his parents that he was the risk of losing their love and acceptance. How could you dis-own your own child cuz they live their life differently than you do?

ahhhh tranny....this is so sad. It makes me want to move to an island somewhere,,,alone....with you, of course! and some hot latino guys so we would BOTH be happy!!

love ya!

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

It's things like this that make me very worried for humanity. It also makes it very hard to be a Christian simply because there are whackjobs out there who do hide behind the bible to try to justify hating someone when there is no justification whatsoever for hating someone just because of their sexuality. Hate is hate. It doesn't matter how you slice it, it's still wrong.

I have known people who have had difficulties for coming out to their families. One of my girlfriends told her parents while in high school, and they institutionalized her for it. She was there for two days until she could calm down long enough to tell the people why she was there (and was promptly released once they knew it was for her sexuality). I have siblings who are homophobic (they learned it from dad), but all of them are the product of interracial marriages, so I never understood the hatred towards homosexuals when their right to exist hasn't been protected for all that long.

My child is going to be interracial, and I do worry that s/he will be treated poorly because of what he or she is. I don't want my child to think that it is right for anyone to hate someone for existing.

I get angry when I think a person would go to great lengths to terrorize someone...what purpose does it serve? It's not going to suddenly make someone not be gay.

I look at our republiticians and I see it this way; if we can get them to acknowledge that global warming is real (and some have), maybe we can finallyconvince them that gay rights need to be protected just as vigilantly as other groups.

Berry Blog said...

Ive seen so many single mothers with mixed racial children who are stunningly beautiful; but I feel the angst of the mothers when it is so hard for teachers to be in those corners and public spaces where children get to each other, for gay bashing, racial bashings- all the uglies. Then they all come to class anad say exactly what we want from them...they preach tolerance while practicing intolerance out of our sight. I've known the most wonderful students to be monsters behind my back.

Kathy aka the Minx said...

Unfortunately, the Bible was written by people, not God. They applied their own prejudices and mores. God rested on the seventh day - by whose calendar, considering he had just created the moon? :)

It's sad that people behave this way in our supposedly enlightened age. But there will always be prejudice and hatred for those who are different. It is unacceptable and frightening for those to whom it happens, and I often wish the world were different.

Mark in DE said...

Right on, my brotha!!!

Mark :-)

mistress maddie said...

Thank-you Kathy,it couldn't be said better.I still can't believe we are in these times,still being igorant,violent and judgemental just because of sexuality,race,color,and phyical apperances!!!Sooooooooooo over it!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm on all y'alls side on this but as someone who has had the pleasure of getting fucked by their very cute and allegedly straight cousin, in addition to the one that is very cute and unquestionably gay, I take offense to that part about cousin-fucking.

Otherwise, let all them rednecks form a circle and - wait - most of the rednecks I know are pretty hot and its my experience that most of the straight ones will at least let you suck them off. So, let them all get in a circle, then let me give the cute ones head, then give them all a gun and three bullets and yell "Rabbit at 12 o'clock" and that should put an end to his problems.

Maybe it is heresy to make fun of such a hate crime, I don't know. I live outside of a small town (Frankfort) but close enough to a big town (Louisville) to know people who do things like this to people like me who are "way out there" as my brother likes to say. Most of them do it for the publicity and so going on a rant as I did above and proposing to "have relations" with them might piss them off even more.

I'm really sorry for the farmer-guy and his partner and hope he finds some courage to keep on being who he is.

My brother has this cool theory about God. He says that God will reward your prejudices by making you spend eternity with those you were prejudiced against. Let's hope that when these dudes go on to their heavenly rewards, some big Michael Vick type guy is there to fuck them and fuck over them for the rest of time.

No wait, I'd like Vick doing that to me. But, you get the idea.


Joy said...

Damn! Why do these people have to keep being from Tennessee? See why I keep wanting to move? Those TN Republicans made that awful ad against Michelle Obama. And on it goes. I'm about to go off again and become mental.

No point preaching to the choir because you know I agree with all of you.

Dust Bunnies always rule, TrannyBeth, because the black guy I had a long-term relationship with and I used to argue using exactly the same words and reasoning that you and your husband do. I don't get it that they can't see the similarities. Weird.

Zombie Mom said...

The others have said it well- its seriously messed up. I am part of a crazy mixed up family - queer, mixed race, etc. if its something that haters hate - we are pretty much sure to be living it.

I have zero empathy for this kind of intolerant thinking.. I just don't get it.

Seriously messed up. Thats why I stay living in the ungodly expensive SF Bay Area...

Anonymous said...

I read the story on the related site and there were some good comments such as; Moving and installing undetectable security measures - A horrible story on what people go through -

Meeg said...

That's effed up. It's things like this that make people buy guns.

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