Saturday, May 17, 2008

Project Runway ALL STARS!?!

The latest rumor floating around is that the November season of Project Runway will be an All-Star version. Read about it here. Story from OK Magazine, via Blogging Project Runway (BPR). As the experts at BPR said, there have been no casting calls for the November cycle - which is fast approaching. Obviously, they wouldn't have to audition the "All Stars".

I would pay GOOD MONEY to see Wendy from Season One and SourFace Victorya go head-to-head!!!!! I hated both of those BIATCHES, but I would love to see them duke it out.

What do you think? Who would you like to see come back and compete again? And who do you NOT want to see back in the workroom?

UPDATE: The post about this "rumor" has been REMOVED from Blogging Project Runway! Very interesting... I love the folks over at BPR, and they were always so kind to include me in their "Recapalooza" each week (as well as provide a link to DavidDust on their blog). Maybe a little birdie from BPR could send me an email with the dirt ? ... pretty please ?!? ....

UDATE #2: Wow! That didn't take long. Laura from BPR sent me an email and said this is a FALSE rumor. She has had email correspondence with Nick Verreous HIMSELF (see bitches, I got blogfriends in high places), and he said it was malarkey. Damn! I'm still curious to see who you guys would enjoy seeing on an "all star" version of the show.

And one last thing, both Laura AND TBone from BPR asked me if I would be recapping Shear Genius!


mikeinbama said...

I would love to see Kevin from last season.

Joy said...

Oh, I hate Wendy Pepper more than I can ever express. It's a toss-up whether I hate her or Omarosa more. I couldn't choose. (oops, I let it slip that I have watched The Apprentice - now you know) After I recover from thinking about her, I'll suggest some all-stars. I'm shuddering so much!

Mistress Maddie said...

I'll puy my money on Wendy Pepper!She would take that weak sour face out in a New York minute!!I would though like to see Laura come back if there is indeed a all-stars.Girl- you know I'm fond of the feathers and style she used to use.I would so buy her creations!!!

Beth said...

I would love to see Kaine!!! He cracked me up with all of his "white trash-ness", and I really loved Daniel...and of course, Jay. To he and Mango go at it would be well worth the price of admission! I would watch it!!!

Please tell me this rumor is true!

Howard said...

Glad to hear it is just a rumor, for it would be a sign of weakness to start out with a new network that way.

However, to have André return just to amuse Tim G would be a nice touch.

And with your friends-in-high-places thing in full swing, I think you should invite Uncle Nick to the Dust-Bunny-Palooza you should be planning!

An I suppose you must now add Sheer Madness to your schedule.

Joy said...

I wish they'd do an all-star PR sometime. Here's my list:
Season 1: Jay, Kara Saun, Austin
Season 2: Santino, Chloe, Daniel V, Nick, Andrae, and Daniel Franco (since he's been on twice, just to make it funny)
Season 3: Lara, Michael, Jeffrey, Kayne
Season 4: Mango, Chris, Carmen, Jack (since he didn't get to finish)

I would enjoy watching this and hope it's not a rumor even though I understand Howard's point. There are some of these from different seasons it would be fun to see together.

I cannot stand to have to look at Wendy Pepper one more time - it's bad enough typing her name - she'd destroy Sour Victorya in a second - no contest. WP was on Celebrity Poker one time and made me gag. I truly hate her (and Omarosa). OK, calming down now.

Joy said...

I guess you'll recap Shear Genius now since your blogfriends in high places requested it. Oh, the price of fame! :-) Think Dust Bunnies count as your entourage?


Margo said...

I saw Wendy Pepper too on that Celebrity Poker and she was pretty bad. She was crawling around in some old guys lap after she had lost and was banished to the loser's lounge. It would have been interesting to see an All-Stars edition. How cool that you ask and you get your question answered! I hope you do the Shear Genius recaps.

Kathy aka the Minx said...

I think it would be brilliant for Lifetime to do an All Star PR for its first season - that would definitely bring in the Bravo viewers to see old favorites (and not-so-favorites). A shame it's not true.

LauraK and TBone are great, aren't they? I think you should recap Shear Genius. I'm contemplating it, but I think I need a break from recapping after TC.

bsealy1 said...

God I must be getting old cause I can't remember the people from last season most less the very first season (except Wendy Pepper - how can you ever forget someone that evil).

I think an All Stars season would be great. I would like to see anyone from previous seasons return but I would definitely not include any of the previous winners (no Jay, Chloe, Jeffrey or Mango). Give someone else a chance.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!

Mark in DE said...

I'm glad the rumor is false. I want to see new, fresh designers - NOT a rehashing of old designers.

Mark :-)

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