Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daddy Of The Day - Arialdy Returns

DavidDust favorite Arialdy is back with some new pictures. See previous Arialdy posts here and here.


Anonymous said...

Arialdy returns. I love a guy who cums again and again and again.


mac20 said...

Perfect chocolate nipples. You have excellent taste, as I assume Arialdy would, too.

Anonymous said...

absolutely stunning!

David Dust said...

Travis, Mac20, and Big E ... yes indeed, Arialdy is one of my favorites. Simply perfect!

Howard said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. But I have to say, picture 3 is a sandwich I amjust dying to slide myself into, and I will supply the condom-mints.

Beth said...

I love me some gays!!! You guys crack me up!!!

and he is a beauty...can a man be a beauty??....cuz he is one. Nice

Mark in DE said...

Arialdy = hottie.

Mark :-)

Thomas said...

Keep searchin' for STUNNING SNAPS
of this GORGEOUS GOLIATH & I'll keep trying to come up with sexual
fantasies. The latest has me
climbing onboard his TANTALIZING
TORSO & wrapping my own powerful
thighs 'round those LUSCIOUS
WASHBOARD ABS & riding him back &
forth like a bronco steer. Of
course he'd have to be unconscious
'cause it's not something he'd
agree to unless he's into KINKY!!!

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