Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Election Coverage

As a huge political junkie/nerd, I stayed up late last night watching the coverage of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. I even forgot about American Idol – although I heard Jason Castro stunk up the joint.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. Chris “Tweety” Matthews is STILL the most annoying person on Earth.

2. Keith Olbermann STILL rocks.

3. I am SO glad the mainstream media finally “gets it” – Hillary can’t win. I was so happy to see CNN and MSNBC not simply repeating the Clinton campaign’s ever-changing talking points. They were actually discussing her “exit strategy”. Tim Russert said “we now know who the Democratic nominee will be”. WOW!

4. At one point I switched over to Faux, er, FOX “News” (I needed a good laugh). And what were they discussing? Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” – which they described as hugely successful. Apparently that fat-ass drug addict Limbaugh instructed Indiana Republicans to vote for Hillary in Indiana’s open primary – thus creating “chaos” in the Democratic party. Brit Hume and some blond Skank were laughing it up on-air about just how crafty that Rush Limbaugh is. Gross. I can’t wait to watch Fox on Election Night in November when Republicans will have NOTHING to laugh about.

5. Could it be that the Clinton and Obama campaigns are starting to do a little “mating dance”? They both mentioned unity and fighting John McCain in their speeches last night. And Hillary mentioned that she would work to elect the eventual nominee – something she has NEVER said before.

6. As much as he annoys the shit outta me – I have to give Chris Matthews some credit. While discussing Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” with some conservative commentator, Tweety absolutely DENOUNCED anyone who would use their vote to mess up the democratic process. As he said, too many people have fought (on and off the battlefield) and indeed died for the blessed privilege of voting. Go Tweety!

7. Chuck Todd, the “numbers” guy from MSNBC, is gay – isn’t he? He has a VERY gay goatee. I wish my goatee looked more like his – gay or otherwise.

I just hope we, as Democrats, don't screw this up. Are you listening - MADAM Vice President?!?


Beth said...

YAY! she needs to just give it up already....don't like her, never liked her, never will like her.

Obama was in my girl's city last night...Raleigh!!! But she was at home :( And I loved his speech.

and I think that guy might be gay too, and his goatee is BANGIN!!! Yours will be like that one day....Shaggy. ;)

love you!!! xoxoxox

Meeg said...

Can you... feel a... brand new day!!

Marker said...

aMEN about Chris Matthews - he is absolutely the most annoying thing on television . . . and that's sayin' something. Almost everyone else is in a huge and very close tie for second - Brian Arrogant Williams on NBC, John "I Could Not Possibly Get My Tongue Any Further Up John McCain's Asshole" King on CNN, and Tim Russert immediately come to mind.

Keith O. and Rachel Maddow are of course magnificent exceptions.

Mark in DE said...

The fact: Obama and Clinton are virtually identical when you look at the issues. Either one is better than McCain.

My opinion: Clinton has 'been around' the Washington political scene far longer, has more necessary powerful connections, and is likely smarter than Obama. I hope she stays in it and wins the nomination at the Convention.

Sorry to disagree, but that's my opinion.

Mark :-)

Margo said...

Rush did the same thing in Texas with "Operation Chaos". Shameful. There were a couple of our friends who subscribed to that theory and it caused some verbal sparring. Stick by your candidate, whoever it is!

David Dust said...

Mark -

I agree with you that EITHER would be better than McCain. And I would happily vote for Clinton the the General Election ... as I voted for her in the NY primary.

And you NEVER have to apologize for disagreeing with me ... what in the HELL do I know, anyway?!?


mikeinbama said...

I use to think Chris Matthews was very cute, but then he opens his mouth. I enjoy MSNBC's political coverage. My new crush is David Schuster. There's something about the way he moves his lips when he talks. He has that uptight sexy look going for him.

David Dust said...

Mike - what you said about David Shuster is very interesting. I am one of those people who tends not to look at people directly in the eye, I look at people's mouths. I don't know why I do this - but I do. By looking at people's mouths, it still SEEMS like I'm looking someone in the eye.

Therefore I ALWAYS notice people's mouths - and some people's mouths are sexier than others. And I've ALWAYS thought David Shuster had a cute speech thing/mouth thing going on. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Howard said...

Wow, the only thing I can watch on MSNBC these days is Rachel Maddow, who is a breath of fresh air amidst otherwise annoying and patronizing coverage. Being a bit of a junkie myself, I try to watch as much as possible, but found their coverage to be little more than Faux-Left, with the same issues of credibility and offensive talk, just geared to a different audience.

mikeinbama said...

I also think Willie Geist is cute on Morning Joe.

I'm watching David Shuster now and he has perfect teeth. He doesn't have an upper lip that makes his mouth look so cute.

Joy said...

I so agree with you on 99% of what you wrote here. I, too, will vote for the Dem nominee in November no matter who it is. I hope it's Obama and don't believe he'll offer the VP spot to Billary. It would be good if the governor of Kansas would be on the ticket. I can't remember her name but have heard predictions that she will probably be our first female president. Hope so.

I watch Keith Olbermann every evening and like those nicknames he uses for the Coltergeist, Comedian Rush Limbaugh, Bill Orally the Frank Burns of News, etc. Rachel Maddow is wonderful.

Love this post! xoxoxoxo

Joy said...

Oh, I hadn't thought about Chuck Todd being gay, but now that you mention it ....

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