Monday, May 19, 2008

Regarding Step It Up and Dance, and Blogging...

I wanted to let you all know that I will no longer be recapping Step It Up and Dance. Let me explain why:

My “real” job is suffering due to my constant blogging. I have not been spending as much time as I should on my day job – let alone my part-time night job. I have been doing sloppy and half-assed work lately, and putting my jobs aside to blog. My day job has to be my number one priority – without it I am screwed. One of the ways I can shave off some blogging time is by eliminating SIUaD recapping.

My “personal life” (such as it is) is suffering. I am at my heaviest weight EVER – and I haven’t been to the gym in months. It is not healthy for me to be 40 years old and “morbidly obese” – and it’s definitely NOT cute. In addition, my 15-year-old cat is sick (she was rushed to the vet last night) and needs my attention.

Lastly, the time it takes for me to do a proper recap just isn’t justified on this show. My Top Chef recaps take me anywhere from 5-8 hours total – that’s viewing, note-taking, and writing. Let’s face it, Step It Up and Dance is a HORRIBLE show – and isn’t worth 8 hours of my time. Furthermore, recapping Top Chef is still fun and entertaining for me – SIUaD has become a burden. I’m not going to force myself to do something I don’t want to do – blogging is supposed to be fun for me. And the SIUaD recaps have become NOT fun.

What I COULD do is put up a Step It Up and Dance discussion post on Friday mornings, and let YOU discuss the show in the comments. I LOVE it when you all talk to each other - and I always beam with pride that my Dust Bunnies are so smart and funny. I'll give it a shot on Friday and see what happens.

I guess I just have to improve my time management skills. I LOVE blogging, I LOVE my blog, and I REALLY LOVE my Dust Bunnies – that’s not going to change. What may change is having fewer daily posts, and possibly not answering every single comment and email I receive. But I promise to continue putting out an entertaining blog – and doing what I can to improve David Dust without screwing up the rest of my life.

Thanks for listening...




mikeinbama said...

Step it Up and Dance is becoming boring and the majority of the people are unlikeable. I love your funny recaps, but an open funny discussion in the comments section would be good as well. We don't want you to lose your jobs because you're making us laugh.

I do draw the line on Top Chef. I need your recaps of that show.

Start hitting the gym because no one likes a fatty....hahahaha.(just kidding) This is swimsuit season.

Beth said...

Step it up and dance IS a horrible show...I can't even watch it anymore....WHO CARES???

While I understand that you need to concentrate on a PAYING job....I will miss you girlfriend!!! And you are NOT OBESE!!! I refuse to believe're my Best Girlfriend and we have to stick together, so if that means I gotta come to NY and go to the gym with you...well, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it, right? ;) Of course, I don't know how much working out we'd actually do...making out would be more like it! HA!

I love you David Dust...My Very Own Tranny doll.....

Marker said...

David - that's so selfish of you. KIDDING.

I too love your recaps but Shut Up and Dance is SO not worth any negative impact on your life.

I'm right there with you re: the gym. I need to remember your White Meat Mondays Hotties the next time I want to bail out on exercising and/or have that tenth, er - second vodka.

Like Mike with Top Chef, I am going to have to insist that when Project Runway roles around you will still be able to make those recaps happen.


Timmy said...

I would prefer that you:
keep the Top Chef recaps and White Meat Mondays (OY!);
take care of you cat;
not get fired;
take care of yourself.

I'm kind of tired of Shut Up And Dance anyway.

Joy said...

That is a great idea! Make a place for open discussion for SU&D and Shear Genius and don't recap. You need to do what is fun for you and that you enjoy. You can make us laugh in the comments! (and we'll still be our own little community) I'm glad you made this decision and did what I used to tell my students - "establish your priorities" - now I'll take my own advice.

I'll go to the gym here and actually work out instead of only making donations to it, and we'll compare notes and support each other. 'K? Yes, we need to get healthy and cute.

That being said, I tagged you for a meme. I'm ducking! You don't have to do it!

David Dust said...

Thank you all. Yes, Top Chef, and especially Project Runway, are priorities in my life. I will ALWAYS recap those bitches.

And BTW, the "Shut Up and Dance" (as you all like to call it) "Dust Bunny Discussion Post" idea was Joy's. She suggested it for Shear Genius - she is so smart!!

As far as Shear Genius goes ... who knows?!? I may recap it, but I would also like to recap Top Design when THAT comes on...

You all don't know how GOOD it feels to have that Shut Up and Dance burden lifted from my shoulders...


ell said...

Hello, David. I've been lurking around here (via Joy's blog) for awhile now. Love your blog and sense of humour.

I've been trying NOT to read the Top Chef recaps because we're one season behind here.

You're right about looking after the day job and your health first, though. Aahh, priorities, priorities. :D

Hope you do the meme. You can blame me - 'cause I was the one who tagged Joy.

Joy said...

Ell is a Canadian saying "Blame Joy"! I love it!

Yes, you can just post the photos of SU&D and Shear Genius and whatever, and we'll take it from there. You are too special for us (not in that short bus kind of way, either) to be unhappy and stressed just for our own entertainment. Well, it is all about me, of course, but I'll make an exception in this case.

As my son says at times, "Not to be all YOU about this but ..." (no, he really is straight - just Southern and they love their mamas too)

Dan said...

David David David.....XXOO my friend. Without Michael, they should just cancel the show anyway. I am with Beth, I am all for coming to NY and working out!
There is nothing like martini curls to give you the best biceps.

Anonymous said...

Your people love you, dude. (Gah, my California is showing!) Take care of you. Without David, there would be no funny, fabulous Dust!

Margo said...

I hear you. I'm with you on no time and being at a heavy weight and still not finding enough hours in the day. I didn't know how you were doing it with one job and doing such entertaining blogging. Had no idea you were trying to hold down 2 jobs. The discussion board is a great idea! Hope Oscar starts to feel better!!

David Dust said...

Margo - When you said you hoped "Oscar" is feeling better, I thought you meant that Italian queen from Step It Up and Dance! I'd forgotten that I mentioned my kitty's name to you a MILLION times - every time you post a picture of darling Sully! LOL!

Actually, it's my other cat that's sick - Emmy. But the antibiotics seem to be helping and she is better today.


mistress maddie said...

Girl-I'm glad your dropping thr recap for step it up and dance.I have never seen such a bunch of losers and see your talent go to waste on it!Take the empress up on her offer to come to new york to work out with you. You two would find papis and cocktails I'll bet!!And you may need tovisit us here in Philly for a get away!!!

PS- Hope kitty is doing well

Curt said...

Well, fine...if you must.

But, girl, if you ruin Elizabeth Berkeley's career AGAIN...well, god help you.

bertas said...

Ah this is what happens when I dont pop by often... tsss shame on me.

Ok dear first and foremost no matter how much I enjoy your blog, your health comes first. We all know how difficult it can be to find time to keep ourselves healthy (and I have been ignoring that of late) but you have your own hot tranny mess/dust bunnies pep squad here :)

And regarding your kittypuss Emily, I do hope she gets better real soon :) I get horribly worried when one of my pets is not well, so I get you. I lost my dog of 17 years a month ago, it still hasnt sunk in.
So here is to your kittypuss being all healthy :)

Hugs my dear and if you need anything give us a shout :)

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Considering all the things going on right now, losing the Step it Up and Cough recap is a more than acceptable loss. I hope your cat gets better!

Besides, if you can get back on track at work, I have no excuse.

Howard said...

Well, I am a bit behind in my reading, and missed this. All I can say is do what you need to do, because I am just watching SIU&D to drool over Cody, Something I can do without a recap - although if you should run across any naked pictures of him, I would appreciate it.

Take care of yourself and your cat - I was told 2 1/2 years ago my cat had 6 months to live, and he is doing better now than he was then! So get the pets and work under control, and start planning Bunny-palooza so we can all make our way to NYC and tell you how gorgeous and slim you look.

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