Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ninth Avenue International Food Festival

This was a huge weekend in Hell's Kitchen (my neighborhood), because it was Food Festival Weekend! My fat ass starts looking forward to the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival starting in about January - and by the time it rolls around in May, I am HONGRAY!

Picture this - 20 blocks of non-stop food and sometimes shirtless hot Papis - all literally right outside my door. Up until about 15-20 years ago, Hell's Kitchen was predominantly Puerto Rican, with some Irish thrown in. Gentrification has forced most of the old residents out - but many return for the food festival, and they seem to want to remove their shirts solely for my pleasure. God bless 'em!!

This year wasn't quite hot enough for shirtlessness, but I DID see one hot Papi who has been featured on DavidDust before - Escuelita go-go dancer Alex. He was looking F-I-N-E, as always. And no, I did not take any pictures of him on the street, that would be TACKY. So please enjoy these entirely tasteful half-naked shots of him that I dug up!

1 comment:

Beth said...

ok.....if you didn't take any pictures of him on the street, what DID you do to him on the street....cuz homeboy is too FINE to pass up!!!

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