Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Little Trooper

Here is a picture of Miss Emmy Louise – it was taken a few months ago. She is 14-15 years old – give or take a few months.

Here is her saga thus far. Emmy had a cold for months – coughing and sneezing occasionally, but nonetheless acting normal. On Friday, my roommate and I noticed that Emmy seemed REALLY congested – and by Saturday evening she was having trouble breathing through her nose. She also refused to eat and/or drink anything and basically just lay on the pile of dirty clothes in my room.

Unfortunately, during any kind of medical “crisis” I simply shut down. I hate doctors, dentists, hospitals, and even veterinarians. In fact, the last time I went to a doctor was about 5 or 6 years ago – and he told me he wanted to run a bunch of tests due to my weight. He said I could have an enlarged heart or diabetes and scheduled a battery of tests. In my typical fashion, I cancelled all the tests and proceeded to lose 90 pounds on my own – just so I didn’t have to go back to the doctor. Of course I’ve since gained those 90 lbs. back. My fear of doctors, etc. prevents me from thinking rationally when faced with a health issue.

Anyway, I hemmed and hawed and didn’t know WHAT to do with Emmy. Frankly, I was terrified of losing her, but just as terrified of having to take her to a Vet. and watch her get poked and prodded. Luckily, my roommate doesn’t have this same phobia/mania. He decided that Emmy REALLY needed medical attention, and on Sunday night he took her to the 24-hour animal clinic in my neighborhood. After they tried to get him to agree to $650 worth of TESTS (not treatment, only tests), he finally asked the Vet. for an antibiotic to knock the congestion/cold out of her. They gave him a liquid antibiotic and instructions for its use – for the bargain price of $210.

Even after the first dose I saw an improvement in my kitty. She started purring when I rubbed her head – and she stopped sneezing. Her runny nose dried up. Yesterday she started drinking water – and today she actually ate some dry food. As is her habit, she even jumped up on the couch with me while I ate my eggs this morning. I was thankful she didn’t sneeze into my breakfast like she had been doing recently – but honestly it would have been fine if she had. I was just so happy to have her acting “normal”.

I love both my kitties (see pic of Emmy and Oscar – my other cat – below) – but Emmy has been my “roommate” for 14 years. In fact, she has lived in Manhattan longer than I have. I had been renting a room in Brooklyn when my friend Shanta asked me to move into her apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. I moved in with Shanta and her cat Emmy shortly thereafter. When Shanta moved out, Emmy and I stayed – and Emmy became MY kitty. That was 14 years ago, and we’ve been together ever since. And I wish to God she could stay with me for another 14.


Beth said...

awww Tranny....your kitties are so cute...and isn't it awful to think of losing one of them? I love my dog to death and he's 11 and has epilepsy....so everytime he has a seizure, I expect him to kick the bucket. But he keeps on keepin on...he's a tough old bird..er, dog.

I wanna visit you so bad, you don't even know!!!


Joy said...

I'm SO glad Emmy is feeling better. She and Oscar are beautiful little furry friends. It's good you have a roommate who can take over when you go into paralysis like that. How old is Oscar? I hope they stay around many more years, too.

Hugs and mwahs! XOXOXOXOX

Kathy aka the Minx said...

I'm glad Emmy's feeling better with the drugs. It's hard to contemplate the mortality of a pet. We take ours to a 24-hour hospital where most of the doctors are pretty good, but there was one I nicknamed "Dr Death" because four of the animals I put in his care are now dead. Not that he personally killed them, but you know, he *touched* them.

We have two cats now, Pete and Julie. Their late sibling was Linc (yes, the Mod Squad) who died of bone cancer a couple of years ago. I tell ya, Neal and I babied that cat, gave it holistic treatment, did whatever we could to keep him happy, and it was so hard to have to put him down. I'm personally not a cat person (married into the family) but damn, Linc was the BEST cat. I miss him.

Ack. Sorry for the maudlin rant. It's raining.

Margo said...

So glad that Emmy is feeling better! She's gorgeous! Love those fluffy gray kitties. Oscar is adorable too! LOL at your thinking my comment to a previous post was about Oscar on SIU&D.

We're running into our "first-born" Shih Tzu Bailey starting to show her age (12) and it's upsetting. She's at the vet today getting some blood work done. You just can't help getting attached to the furry babies.

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

I'm very happy to see that Oscar is doing better. I love cats, but I'm very allergic to them (but only have problems when I am around them in enclosed spaces for too long...or I'm in the home of this one guy who has 12 cats) and we can't afford the extra security deposit for a dog, so we don't have any pets in our home. If we could afford the rent increase & s.d., I would be willing to get the shots needed to keep a cat around.

Unfortunately, I'm getting a little misty-eyed over the dog that my father-in-law had. He was so sweet and really protective of women due to the last home he was in.

...Before I'm unable to finish, I'll just say that I'm glad that you have someone who is able to step in for you. I know how that can be. I just wish it didn't cost so much [Where's health insurance for the pets?].

Howard said...

Glad to hear you were able to get Emmy the care she needed. My own cat has had health issues, and I have had him for all but 3 months of his 15 years. Now, can the roomie drag your ass to the doctor? Taking better care of yourself includes at least yearly checkups with the doctor, even if only to verify good health.

I am a colon cancer survivor, just over 15 years ago. While I find no joy in scheduling a doctor's visit, my doctor did save my life, so I take them seriously. I am sure I could convince another Dustbunny or two to help drag you to an appointment. And when we tranny messes show up in the waiting room, that would be embarrassing.

bertas said...

Ah these are such cute kittypusses (hm is that even a word? :)
I'm so glad Emily is doing so much better :)
Furry little ones get under your skin so easily, I never thought I'd be a cat person since we had a dog for so long, but now I have 2... not to mention I had to bottle feed one of them... and I still didnt get over my dog, I think it will take a long, long while.
And darling, mind yourself will you? Pretty please? :)

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