Friday, May 23, 2008

Step It Up and Dance - Episode 8 - Dancing In The Rain

Last night Oscar got sent home AGAIN. I didn't see the show, so how did Cody do? Did anyone stab Fugly Betty Miguel yet? Did Sexy Papi Michael return, only to be snubbed and sent back into my waiting arms - AGAIN? It's YOUR turn to discuss...

Check out the Bravo photo gallery here.

UPDATE: Our darling Joy gives us a quick and cute recap in the comments section. PLEASE check it out and tell her how fabulous she is. And check out her blog here.


sfoofie said...

I will admit Oscar grew on me. I'll keep him in my peanut gallery to discuss life - not dance.

MOF said...

I only saw the last 20 minutes and that was enough. Not the most riveting of Bravo shows. I am looking forward to the "lost footage" for Housewives of NYC next week.

Joy said...

Tina Landon was the guest choreographer and has an impressive resume. Barfy Miguel was even more obnoxious than usual drooling all over her and going into orgasms about never riding in a limo before. It was more like an SUV limo.

Ri-freaking-hanna was on video telling them that Tina choreographed her video and that they'd better step it up because they would be dancing to one of her songs. Gag! (sorry)

Oscar said he couldn't stand to do anuhzer heep hope dahze and was SO above it all. Literally since they were on a roof where they all rehearsed with umbrellas to Tina's demanding threats to fire them all. Eventually they got it enough to get a bit of praise. Miguel was of course confident that he and his umbrella could go on to greatness.

Miguel was crestfallen (or in his case, tranny hair mess and scary teeth fallen) about not being chosen as a team leader. Nick and Cody were. Then they had to choreograph their own dance based on what Tina taught them. Miguel, a self-proclaimed natural-born choreographer, tried to take over to "help" his team. I sense a coup in the making.

But there is dissention on Cody's team, too. Janelle the hip-hopper hates everything but Cody said she helped make it stronger.

Janelle and Miguel sleep in the same room. Looking at Miguel is a nightmare before you ever get to sleep.

Nick and Mochi were the best, and Nick was chosen in a tie-breaker by Tina. Once again Janelle is in the bottom two along with Oscar. Ciao baby to Oscar again!

They get to go home to choerograph a one-minute dance for the final dance next time. OMG, Miguel has on a lemon yellow t-shirt and hot pink tights and flip-flops. I'm going to be sick. I'll also try not to make comments while I'm watching SU&D - got carried away. My apologies to you all!

I don't know why I keep watching this. It makes me seem like Hillary by not giving up, but I can't quit Cody and Mochi.

David Dust said...

My Darling Joy!!!

Well BLESS YOUR HEART! She gave us a recap, ya'll, and a funny one to boot! Well aren't you just FULL of surprises!?!

Your take on Oscar's accent and Fugly Betty being "scary teeth fallen" made me LOL!!

You're hired!



Joy said...

Did you notice that all traces of Project Runway have been delegated to archive status on the Bravo site? It was a bitter divorce.

(I'm embarrassed that my commentary is so long and apologize again.)

John said...

Great recap joy. I don't know why I watch this show either.

kenito799 said...

all the wasted hours watching this show were worth it for Oscar's Cher impression!!! Absolutely adorable. That's why they brought him back, I am sure of it.

David Dust said...

Oscar did a Cher impersonation?!? OK - I MUST catch a repeat over the weekend for that!

Joy said...

I forgot this delusional quote by Fugly: This is the world I bathe in. I WILL be Tina Landon. My genius is at her stature.

He bathes?

David Dust said...

Of COURSE he bathes...ONCE A MONTH. Whether he needs it or not.

Timmy said...

Miguel. Miguel. Miguel. I was so happy to see him NOT get chosen as a leader. IMO, he overdanced and did you notice that Oscar was always about 1/2 a beat off when they were on the roof?

Joy, great recap. I love the way you accurately captured Oscar talking.

Hey...has Cody ever been seen without his shirt? Or Nick? Just asking.

Also, I don't know why I keep watching SU&D.

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