Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gettysburg "Witness Tree" Damaged In Storm

A storm on Thursday severely damaged one of the four remaining trees that stood witness to the deadly Battle of Gettysburg. The honey locust was located on Cemetery Hill - about 150 feet from the platform where President Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address. Read the story here.

As a kid growing up in Central Pennsylvania, we often took school trips to Gettysburg to see the battlefield. We also took family trips there, since Gettysburg is only about 30 miles from the town I grew up in. Even though I eventually became interested in American History (my Minor at Penn State), I don't remember many of the details of those trips. But I would bet I laid my eyes on that very tree. For some reason, this makes me sad.


Joy said...

I know what you mean. It makes me sad, too.

Berry Blog said...

Joy is from the deep South and I from the far North- we have many talks about our heritages, not to mention the continued misimpressions norhterners and southerners have of each other. The two of us are enlightened however; as long as I don't misuse "y'all".
I think of trees all the time as we don't have the big ones anymore- we sold them all to England for ship masts. We wuz Tories back then and business was gud.
So when I see a big tree, somehow I still want to climb it.

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