Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Daddy Of The Day - Gervasio Deferr

Gervasion Deferr of Spain won the Olympic silver medal in floor exercises over the weekend.


mikeinbama said...

Give me my props bitch.....lol, for bringing Gervasio to your attention.

David Dust said...

Props to you, biatch.

But even if I wouldn't have seen his picture on your blog, I would have definitely noticed Gervasio while watching gymnastics over the weekend!

Either way - Gervasio is Daddy of the Day!


Beth said...

ok...settle down boys....I think he has enough to go around!!!!

mikeinbama said...

David Dust, I will stab you with a greasy spoon.....hands off my man!


David Dust said...

Oh IT'S ON AND POPPIN' NOW!! Get to cutting (or spoonin'), BIATCH!!


P.S. - I am featuring Andrea Minguzzi as tomorrow's Daddy. Are more props in order - or just more stabbing?!?!?


mikeinbama said...

I will deal with you later, when there are no witnesses.....LOL

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