Saturday, August 9, 2008

'Lympic Daddy Of The Day - Felix Sanchez

Dominican sprinter Felix Sanchez was one of my very first DOD's (Daddy of the Day). He is a superstar in his native Dominican Republic - and was their flag bearer at the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night.

Yes, I realize Felix doesn't have the smoldering movie-star good looks that I usually feature here on DavidDust. And he doesn't have the huge arms and bulging muscles that many of my DOD's have. But Mr. Sanchez is bulging in all the right places...

This is extremely common in Dominican men - TRUST ME. See my first "bulging" post here.


Beth said...

oh how Ilove the Olympics and those tight little suits!!!!! It makes it all worth while, don't it?..... ;)


Joy said...

I hope they televise his event 'cause I definitely want to see him! Oh yes!

Why do the women's volleyball teams feel compelled to group hug after every point?

I'm so excited to be watching the Olympics! Love it!


Anonymous said...

That's quite a slab of Dominican meat caught in those threads. Dominican meat is sweet to eat, I assure you. And those latin juices. Oh my god!


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