Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mr. Escandalo

Mr. Escandalo 2008 will be named tonight up in at the El Morocco nightclub in Washington Heights. Check out the some of the hotties who'll be competing:

Deilin Sanz - Dominican model and former Daddy of the Day



Deilin II

Joel - YUM!

Escandalo Nights is a monthy party for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and open-minded straight people. It draws a largely Dominican crowd, partially due to the Washington Heights location.

Photos by Ricardo Muniz - view his HOT MySpace page here.


R said...

I think I need to plan a trip to NYC so I can go to events like this...

David Dust said...

Hey R -

It would be nice to have someone to get me off my ass and make me go to events like this! Come down anytime!!


Beth said...

How much fun would that be??!!!! Oh goodness...I think we could get into some SERIOUS trouble in Washington Heights Tranny!!!!!!!!

love you lots and lots and lots!!!

mistress maddie said...

They all look hot,but my favorite is Will.I would love to do some sheets mombo with him!I'll be rooting for him.You'll have to keep us posted on who wins!

Papagayo said...

David- any time anything like this is at Morocco- I'm your man. It's about four blocks from my place and I've been interested in going... lots of hotties around here!

David Dust said...

Papagayo -

I would LOVE a partner-in-crime to stalk Escandalo with!

Email me when you get a chance:


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