Sunday, August 3, 2008

Next Design Star To Be Announced Tonight!

Tonight at 9:00 pm (EST), HGTV will announce the winner of Design Star Season 3. Everything I've seen on the Internet points to a win by Jennifer, but I'm still hoping it's Friend-of-DavidDust Matt Locke.

In addition to the winner, the other big thing to watch for tonight will be whether or not Mikey V attended the Finale. I have gotten emails saying that he was "dis-invited" to the Finale due to the revelations of his past appearance in a porn video. UPDATE: Mikey V was NOT at the taping of the show.

Speaking of MySpace, I actually contacted Mikey V through his MySpace page, and I got a response! This is how it began:

Hey David,

Thanks for writing me, I gotta say I loved reading your reviews of each week's DS episode. You really have a talent for writing, I was laughing like crazy thru each [post].

BE STILL MY HEART! Mikey would NOT comment about the show (or whether or not he would appear in the Finale), but he DID say he might be interested in doing an interview with me after this was all said and done.

I told him that DavidDust would be the perfect place for him to tell his side of the story - since we are all big fans of his. And trust me, I will be following-up to try and land this interview starting tomorrow morning!

There is one problem though. I turn into a retarded Jerry Lewis when I speak to cute guys. I just can't do it. I can imagine hearing his voice on the other end of the telephone, and the only thing I'll be able to say is "Heeeeyyyy Laaaady!" Great, there goes my Pulitzer Prize for Journalism - destroyed by a hot Papi with a sexy voice ....


chef_the_city said...

well, here's hoping he has a chipmunk voice, then... ;) we need a hard-hitting (no pun intended) interview, dd.

Linda Merrill said...

I think it would be cheap and small minded of HGTV to dis-invite Mikey. While they are entitled to set whatever "standards" they wish for their broadcasts, Mikey did nothing illegal and he was already voted off when the story broke. It's a classic don't ask, don't tell moment - it's not relevant to the show at hand and that's all that matters. My 2 cents.

I agree - I think the buzz is towards Jennifer, but Matt is a sweetheart and would be a worthy winner as well.

mikeinbama said...

I hope Matt wins. I voted 4 times for him.

Joy said...

I can't believe it! Mikey V wasn't on there, and Clive just glossed over it. TOTALLY WRONG! They almost acted as if he'd never been in the competition. IT SUCKS! You are right, Linda, about HGTV and about Jennifer.

I can't wait for your interview with Mikey V. Just remember to "man up" and banish Jerry Lewis from your repertoire! You can do it!

And let's hear it for Mikeinbama's new picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn, this Mikey V...(he is in his 30's they guy should call himself Mike) thing. I am so over it. I hate the "Yo mikey V here" crap. I guarantee we won't hear about him in a month...the same with the rest of them but the winner. I totally think HGTV should have had him on, big mistake. But they are owned by Scripps...and those freaking bible belt peope that run the network..along with TLC always play it safe. I think the best person won. I think MIKE'S 15 1/2 mins of fame are up. Lets hope he gets his job back at the PD. Congrats to the winner

TAMmommy said...

Of course you know that I have to come here to get all the "real" information!

I had someone tell me in a comment, on the first post of the season of Design Star, that the show was rigged and that a woman would win this year, and they would be cancelling Myles of Style soon after.

Now, I still have no idea where anyone would get that kind of information, and I am not saying it was true, but you know, if crossed my mind a time or two when the winner was announced, although I did like Jennifer.

Thanks for all your hard work on getting the scoop!

a TAMMmommy's mind

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