Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thank you all VERY much for your birthday wishes. I appreciate it so much – you guys are the best.

I also got an unexpected birthday gift today in the form of an ANGRY COMMENT! Oh how I love it when people can’t take a joke! “Anonymous” (how very BRAVE!) left me this angry comment in regards to my last Project Runway recap (I’ve left her misspellings intact):

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Project Runway Episode Six - Hot Tranny Messes Up In Here":

As a straight woman who would rather hang with a gang of drag queens or gay men, than straight beer drinking guys anyday, this post offended me.

I usually love your recaps but this one is discusting in regards to the Varla and Joe constant sexual references.

Keep your fantasies of converting straight men to yourself please.

You are the reason so many staright men are still homophobic in this day and age.

You are the kind of gay I could see encountering a straight man in a restroom somewhere and pulling out your cock and stroking it while walking towards the poor guy saying "Oh c'mon you know you want it stud!"

Gay men like you who always assume that straight men secretely have raging boners at the thought of drag Queens, Trannies, or other guys in a Gym locker room are the reason why homphobia is still rampant and so many close-minded straight men assume every gay guy is gonna try to put the moves on them. You just cannot accept that some people are straight and have no curiousity or confusion about whether they like dick or vagina.

Get over yourself Mr. Delusional Dust.

I'm sure Joe's poor wife and daughters love you turning their husband/father into a closeted homosexual who desperately wanted his drag queens dick every chance you got.

I know you and your loyal fans will go off on me for this but I really don't care this post pissed me off!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! This is the Best.Present.Evah!!

Now let’s see … she(?) had no problem with my constant threats of stabbing Suede. She had no problem with me saying that Stella is a heroin addict. She had no problem with hinting that Leanne might cut out Tango’s voicebox(alicious). She had no problem with me calling Guatemalan and Mexican drag queens “sequined savages”. She had no problem with me making fun of Suede’s dead grandfather and his wacky dream about Brussels sprouts. She had no problem with me hinting that Tim Gunn has been suicidal lately. And finally, Miss(?) Anonymous had NO problem with me making fun of the other drag queens (Sharon Needles=crystal meth, LeMay=fugly, Annida Greenkard=Guatemalan Tranny Hooker).

The only thing she had a problem with is my joke about Straight Joe hooking up with Varla??????

It sounds like Miss Thang’s last boyfriend left her for a prettier (and more interesting) DRAG QUEEN.

Thanks for the comment, darling!!!!!

Happy birthday to me … happy birthday to me … !!!


Berry Blog said...

Interesting how people pick out their pet peeves and ignore other things. She sounds like she has a vivid imagination projecting what she'd like to do in men's rooms if she could get in there herself. Somehow she misses the spirit of your jests.
Happy Birthday David. 41-this is called the adolescence of old age.Be outrageous. We love you for it.

Psychomom said...

Happy Birthday Mr. 'All Grown Up' Dust! Sorry about that mean comment, I was feeling frisky but I'm so happy it tickled your funny bone. Have a wonderful day sweetness!

Party on,
Your favorite Dust Bunny

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! That is truly an excellent angry comment. I love the ratio of anger to misspellings.

Dan said...

Lord Queen - where do I even begin with this one. I could go on and on but I am too focused on my upcoming booze fest in New Orleans, where by the way, Miss Pissed Off Annonything, I have had the pleasure of providing oral services to more than one straight man in NOLA beacuse their girlfriends or wives wouldnt do it. I also have had the pleasure of doing once while the wife watched. Too much info?

Have you ever been in a mens locker room? If so, way to go slut! If not, then you have no idea just how many "straight" men parade around showing off their goods for us all to see and appreciate.

Homophobia is rampant because of people like you Miss Annonything. I have plenty of straight male friends that are so incredably comfortable with their sexuality, that they go to the gay bars with me, they hug me, kiss me, and OMG even get naked in front of me.

Closed minded straight men get so offended by it is beacuse they are not comfortable with their own sexuality. Yes I mean they are afraid that they might actully like it.

You are the straight girl that always asks gay men how they know they are gay. I personally know because I have slept with many a women and it wasnt my thing. Do you go to these closed minded straight guys and ask them how do they know they are straight? Have they tried boy sex? I bet not.

Happy Birthday to you David and Miss Annonything, you want to discuss this any further, jump on over to my blog, I have no problems taking you to brand new place of enlightenment.

Of course if you were a real, strong woman, you will come forward under your real name, but I doubt that will happen.

God I guess I did go on and on!

Gerry said...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday, Dear David, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. Miss you! :)

Love, Gerry (& Kenzie!)

Howard said...

Happy Birthday, dear sweet Blogger!

As for the drive-by homophobic posting, I love it when someone is offended by something and immediately enters into a diatribe that consists of stereotypical activity reported by Faux News, the home of fair & balanced trash. As a long time practicing homosexual [one day I hope to learn how to get it all right], I have never approached a str8 man and whipped it out for him. I have, however, been approached by str8 men asking for a BJ, but can't be bothered by the ones that have. Now, if they looked like some of the men featured on this blog, the story might be different.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday again!

You LOVE it when people say stuff like this, don't you? You've got a boner right now, don't you? ;) Just thinking about Joe....and my kid thinks he's the one that looks the gayest on PR!!!!

mikeinbama said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! I posted something special for you on my journal.

Next time get the fucktards IP address and then we will send them unsolicited comments.

chef_the_city said...

i think 'anonymous' is code for 'straight-guy-joe's wife'... teehee. loves it! and the LOLz i get thinking about your imagined predatory bathroom behavior... man oh man, joe's wife must not read your blog; the mere site of a hot papi (much less talking to him w/ your dick in your hand) makes you clam up! four words: de-lus-i-nal!

oh, and HAPPY BDAY by the way!!! LOVES YOU!!!

chef_the_city said...

PS: @dan is clearly my kinda man... *giggles*

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Happy Birthday, David darling! Finally, I'm on time with something I thought I would've missed your birthday, and that made me sad...but I'm happy because I didn't, and because I took Miss Anonymous to task on the original post. I couldn't help it; she pissed me off. I'm pretty sure anyone reading my response will be able to hear the earrings coming off for the beatdown I wanted to administer. But I digress...

Some people just don't want to be happy, so she can get bent.

41 isn't too bad (coming from a fairly newly-minted 30-year-old), so enjoy your day.

Besides, if my man left me for a better looking drag queen (and only my friend Sadu comes to mind...if he does drag), I'd lay low for awhile instead of drawing attention to myself. Just sayin'.

Dan said...

Thanks Chef! I know how to have a good time!

BohoPoetGirl said...


(fuck the dustbuster comment!)

Christopher said...

*** Happy Birthday to You!!! ***

...and it sounds like that Anon-a-Cunt has watched one too many (cheap ass) gay pornos...I mean really: "Oh c'mon you know you want it stud"...yeah, that sounds like reality.


Never mind that though...hope you have a most excellent Bday celebration my friend...xoxo

Joy said...

"Dustbuster" comment - perfect!

Happy Birthday!

Love you! Love your 40's!

Papagayo said...

happy birthday! don't let the bastards or bitches get you down! have a great year!

Cuz_I'm_The_Mom said...

Aww...poor Mrs. Anonymous. I'll bet Mr. Anonymous has a new boyfriend so the comments were typed while sitting all alone at home with only her big bottle of vodka for comfort. I can just hear her now:

"Thosh goddam HOMsexuals are forcing my **BELCH** Man into the closet! **SLURP** Forkin' homsexuals!!! **WET FART**"

Happy Birthday, DD!

Beth said...

Dan...THAT is why I love you so. Truly, madly and deeply.

You da bomb!

R said...

Happy Birthday Dude!

Chris said...

That is the bestest present ever!!! What an oddball...hey, you have a terrific time in N'Yawleens and Happy Birthday!!!

Tivo Mom said...

I never understand how people can take a comment (so sarcastic and funny) and twist it into something to get pissed about. Happy Birthday and note that if everyone had your sense of humor and comedic timing this world would be a happier, snarkier and funner (I know this is not a word) place. Have a wonderful day and have fun with the laundry tonight. Later tater.

Jimbo said...

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. We're now the same age! Hope you're having a fun and festive day!

Wow, that was a lovely present you received from Anonymous. I love the typos and the references to cock. Sounds to me like (s)he may be speaking from experience when mentioning the locker room. Hmm...

I've asked Dan to deliver "Proper" kisses from me when you both meet.


Kwana said...

I'm not even going to comment on that comment. I'm just going to say:


I'm so happy to have found you out here in blog land. It makes me happy to know that you're some where in my fare city making the world a better place. I can't pass Jack's dollar world when I'm in the city without thinking of you now! Much Love. Cheers to a wonderful year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful gift for you - a negative post. he he

Enjoy New Orleans!

mistress maddie said...

Happy Birthday Girl! I just know you loved that comment!I swear most people in this country don't have a sense of humor!And I just read an article here and it was about the huge number of straight and married guys who "jump the fence"to play with men. And numerous friends have had straight guys come on to them while they were there minding their own bussiness.

Miss Fruitfly said...

Happy Birthday David!!!

P.S. I think Miss Anonymous is actually a closeted male republican tool. Come out and play, Tool. We're family.

The F$%K it List said...

HAPPY Belated Birthday!

HA now Anonymous looks like twice the fool.
Love the hate it makes you stronger!

shirlsd said...

the silver lining? - aside from a great 'happy birthday to me' post that you shared with your bunnies, you have a NEW LABEL: ANGRY BITCHES.
i love it!!!
(happy birthday to you!!!)

Marker said...

Happy (slightly belated) Birthday DDust! Again, welcome to my box.

I wish I was going to be in NOLA to help you celebrate . . . please have a few (dozen) for me.


MissGingerGrant said...

For a "straight woman" she certainly did have the T-room lingo down pat, didn't she?!

Kwana said...

David, I think of strange things in the morning Did I say 'fare city' in my comment? Some writer I am. Sorry. 'Fair City.' Much Love!

mrsFAB said...

Happy be-lated!

Mark in DE said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! You look MAH-VELOUS!!!

Obviously some people can't take a joke, as you said. Some people seem to have forgotten the entire point of blogging is to be able to say what you want without having to substantiate anything with proof. DUH!!!

Keep on keepin' on, my brotha!

Mark :-)

RAD said...

Happy Belated! You are a virgo like my hubby!! Your a good egg too!! D Day Hugs! OOOOOOOO

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