Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Sick Cat and (Almost) Dead Co-Worker

My cat Emmy is sick again. Shortly after finishing this last round of antibiotics, her sinus infection slowly came back. By this weekend it was back in full force. I called the Vet on Monday to plead for more antibiotics without another expensive office visit.

The Vet was out of the office on Monday, but called me back yesterday and prescribed more antibiotics. I left work mid-afternoon and jumped on an uptown train. I got to the Vet’s office, obtained her medication, and went back to my apartment to squirt liquid antibiotics down Emmy’s throat (which she hates). The total cost was $12.90. Yes – less than $15, as compared to hundreds.

After Emmy was taken care of, I returned to work only to find out that the preparations for a large dinner group had not been done, and the manager was nowhere to be found (he was at the bank, I would later find out). When he returned, I let him HAVE IT for failing to staff enough people for my group, and for failing to oversee the setup himself.

One of the things I do well is win an argument. I’m not going to bother fighting with you if I’m not right, and I’m going to make sure you know that YOU ARE WRONG. I’m sure I got this from Mama Bunny. And, like my mother, I am no dummy, so I know what I need to say to get my point across.

In the middle of my attempt to “enlighten” this manager as to his failure, he made a comment to the effect of: “Well, maybe you should just let your cat die!”. His implication was that if I hadn't left the restaurant to take care of Emmy (which took less than 1 hour), I could have made sure the group was taken care of. Which is HIS job, btw.

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe my ears. I immediately left the office, because if I hadn’t, I would have gone to jail. I’m not lying, I was THIS CLOSE to grabbing his skinny little neck with one hand, and punching the fuck out of him with the other. I am probably twice his size (even though he goes to the gym daily) and would have hurt him badly.

After a minute outside the manager’s office, I returned and told this manager how low and disgusting he was – as I packed my shit up. I walked out the door 1 ½ hours early – and told him that my group BETTER be taken care of.

I jumped on the #1 Train (that’s when I saw Carlos Leon) and went home and took care of things around the apartment, and looked after my poor, skinny, sick kitty.

I don’t like to talk a lot about work, but this was a MAJOR incident. I still cannot believe someone would stoop so low, just to take the focus off their failures. I have to say, if his goal was to shut me up, it worked. And he and I have argued enough that he KNEW the only way to keep me from “expressing my viewpoint” was with a low blow.

My co-worker is off for the next two days, and I have no idea what I will say to him when he returns. He left a note on my desk to apologize - because he doesn't have the balls to pick up the phone and call me. What do YOU think I should do?...


Beth said...

open up a can 'o whoop ass on him!!

I can't believe that he would go those lengths....that's amazing to me, that he would be such an ass.

I think you should take the next few days to calm down and try to relax and nurse your baby Emmy..and give some love to Oscar too, cuz I know how jealous he can get! ;)....then you should consider accepting his apology.

I learned a lOngggggg time ago, the only person you hurt by holding a grudge is YOU. Cuz I can bet dollars that HE isn't worrying about it too much, cuz he's an ass, but you....YOU Tranny are one in a million, and y ou are soooo far above him.

so ya, accept his apology with grace and maturity...and then let him know to never EVAH go there again. Cuz you can't be held responsible for your actions if he does!

love you TRanny

theminx said...

Beth is right - accept his apology with grace because YOU are the better person. You can't allow yourself to stoop to his level by being petty or holding a grudge.

The fact that he even left an apology means he knows he went too far, and he's probably not likely to do it again.

xoxoxo to you and Emmy

Zombie Mom said...

Aaaaah, Bunny that is just terrible mean...

Smart you to get out of there so you didn't get swept up into his negative nastiness...

Hope you and Emmy are having a better day....


Dan said...

Girl - You are much better than I am. I would be waiting for bail money at this point, and his family would be planning a funeral.

Untill he verbally appoligizes, I would completel ignore him. If he asks what the deal is, tell him.

Anonymous said...

Mama Bunny sez:
TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Do not let this asshat (I love that name -- I learned it from you) push your buttons again -- you give him too much power when you lose your temper. I know you are heartsick about Emmy, but you must remain calm when dealing with this asshat. asshat asshat asshat

Mama Bunny

Timmy said...

Several good points have been made. The fact that he left a written apology indicates that he knows he was wrong. Next time you see him, I would let him know that you read the note and you accept the apology.

Don't let him get to you. He's probably moved on.

My role role model has always been Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (almost Templesman). Hold your head high during adversity.

My favorite postcard that I can't find because of all of my moves is:
In my family, homosexuality, alcoholism and schizophrenia are a small price to pay for good manners and good public decorum.

mikeinbama said...

I think you should drop kick him in the teeth. But that's just me

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

I'm in the not-so-nice camp on this one and would wait for the verbal apology before letting this go. If he had the shrunken grapes to say something so callous to your face, he can apologize the same way. I doubt that this will be the last time he will do something like that (he only said it because he's been thinking it for awhile), so getting a real verbal apology from him is the only acceptable form of apology.

And you'd be surprised at how easy it is to turn a grudge into cold civility. At least then you're not carrying a lot of anger inside you and you're letting him know that he's an ass by being respectful and civil (and showing your immaculate professionalism) because you are above him and would never stoop to such base levels.

Or you could lure him out to the street and curb stomp him. It's totally up to you.

David Dust said...

Thank you everyone (including my Mom).

Timmy - I will have to remember that saying. It is priceless.

And Sailor: I'm leaning toward the "curb stomp" option myself. LOL!!!

Thanks for the advice and/or giggles everyone!!


Maria said...

If I were you, and therefore a better more nice type of person, I would almost pity this idiot for never knowing how important a pet can be, and how much you grow to love them.

But then I would get over that, revert back to my own mean self, and do something rotten. Someday karma is going to get me, I know.

Sorry Emmy is sick again. I hope this round of antibiotics kicks whatever germs she has out of her system.

Anonymous said...

Mama Bunny sez: My first comment was Good Mommy. Bad Mommy wants equal time: WHERE IS THAT DIRTY FORK YOU HAVE BEEN THREATENING TO STICK IN SUEDE'S NECK? Just take a deep breath and STICK THAT BITCH! With our family history of mental illness, there is not a jury in the country that would convict you.

Mama Bunny

chef_the_city said...

hmmm... i am all for forgive and forget, but i prefer to take my pound of flesh, too. i say ignore him completely (even when he is in your presence) until he apologizes like a man, and even then, stay chilly for a coupla days. idk, this works for me. ;)

p.s. he prob left the apology under duress b/c some other manager said somet about you not being there... you know the whole "i'm not sorry but i'm forced to apologize bit", esp if y'all have exchanged fightin' words before. but then, i am b-o-h and we handle things diff, LOL.

chef_the_city said...

p.s. omg, why the hell doesn't mama bunny have a blog?!?

Timmy said...

Mama Bunny made me LOL with her last comment.

Joy said...

What Beth and Timmy said. AND what both Mama Bunnies said! Asshat indeed!

I hope this round of antibiotics cures Emmy.


David Dust said...

Ya'll - The world isn't ready for a Mama Bunny blog...TRUST ME.


MOF a/k/a Margo said...

What an ass! So glad that Emmy is feeling better. One of the main partners at my work couldn't believe when I took a few days off after Bailey had major surgery to care for her. I missed no deadlines and completed all my work but he couldn't believe I did that "just for a dog." You have your priorities straight. I agree with a lot of what's been said. Be cool and be civil but I wouldn't bother much with him.

curt said...

So many emotions, one post...Emmy is so lucky to have you, and vice versa. And for less than $15, this time she's cheap! :)

As for the manager, was it the hot one? Do we need to rethink his title?

Mr. YouCouldBounceAQuarterOffMyAss-ButIHaveZeroTactOrConsideration

Renee said...

OMG what an ass! I'm with Sailor- curb stomp him LOL!

I bet he apologizes face to face when he sees you.

Hugs to you and Emmy.

David Dust said...

Darling Curt -

YES, it was "the hot one". He's lucky we aren't referring to him currently as "the one with the dirty fork in his neck".


Howard said...

I have been resisting posting on this one because I identify a bit too much with this one. My own kitty is not in top form, so my first thought to hurt him, although in my head I know that wouldn't be right. That wouldn't have stopped me from grabbing his scrawny neck and punching, but I would have understood it is not the right thing to do. Repeatedly. Without capability of stopping until coworkers or police intervened.

Mark in DE said...

I suggest you try and forget about the ugly incident, as it will only make you mad all over again if you discuss it with the asshole. He aplogized, albeit in a cowardly way, but he did apologize. So when he returns just pretend as if it never happened.

Best wishes for Emily.

Mark :-)

Ski said...


See if they can mix a flavor, such as chicken or fish, into Emmy's anti-biotic. Walgreens does it, as do some vets. Other vets can have it mixed and sent to them.
The flavoring sure seems to make a difference in getting my cat to take her daily medicine without a struggle.

As for his apology: Thank him and say no more. But if you feel like you have to say something, stay positive and maybe explain to him how much Emmy means to you. Non-animal lovers really don't understand how much we care about our pets.
I hope he offers to do something nice for her.

As always, I wish Emmy well!

Jennie said...

WHAT A JERK! But I think I'm with the rise above it camp. Accept the apology, move on and remember that even hot guys can be asshats. How is Emmy doing?

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