Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A CRAZY Few Days Ahead!

These next two days are going to be CRAZY for me. Tonight is the premier of Project Runway Season Five, followed by a new episode of Top Haircut/Shear Genius. I have NO idea how I’m going to write TWO recaps – I may delay Top Haircut until Friday (or simply change from a recap to a “highlights” post – and let you discuss in the comments).

Tomorrow night I am going to see Yaz – an 80’s synth-pop band that I fell in love with in college. I have been reading blogs about their West Coast shows, and they have gotten excellent reviews.

One thing I want you to know is that WAY back in March when I bought my Yaz tickets, I posted the following:

I had the choice of a Wednesday or Thursday night - and I picked Thursday, just in case I'm still recapping some Wednesday night Bravo Tranny reality show in July. See bitches, I'm ALWAYS thinking about my Dust Bunnies!

How smart am I ?!?



Dagny said...

You are too smart. Especially since you realized before Yaz got into town that they were coming. I didn't find out until the night of the concert out here and already had other plans.

I am kind of tempted to try to catch ABC out here next month though.

Christopher said...

I can't wait for tonight's Project Runway (and your recap)...I've already told friends/family not to even think about calling me while the show's on.

You're going to LOVE Yaz! They to' it up, here in LA.

mikeinbama said...

Since Top Mullet blows and the people are horrible,we will understand you letting that one side. Project Runway is Queen and deserves your full attention.

Mark in DE said...

Just do your best, David. You're only human! Just do your best.

Practically freaking about tonight's Project Runway,

Mark :-)

mistress maddie said...

I agree with Mike,screw Top Haircut,Project Runway is way more important.

Beth said...

oh baby, you are SO smart!!! you know Wednesday is Tranny Night!!!

Renee said...

Enjoy the concert. I agree with Mike- drop Top Mullet and focus on PR.

Howard said...

You are the smartest blogger evah!

Enjoy Yaz! And get a big hug from Allison for me!

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