Monday, July 14, 2008

White Meat Monday - Drinking Buddies

Surgeon General's Warning: straight guys drinking together can sometimes lead to this:

Or, in extreme cases, even THIS:

Consider yourself warned!


Mark in DE said...

Mmmm, straight boys and alcohol always make for some wonderful homo-erotic photos!!!

Mark :-)

Howard said...

the whole str8 boys & alcohol thing never worked for me, at least in real life. Too bad, really. Would love to have been part of a scene like these. Instead, we just ended up watching football...

Marker said...

No kidding Howard. Same here.

Plenty of flirting--no action. Fuckers.

Dan said...

Well first off, you would have to assume they were all straight!

My motto has always been the difference between a straight man and a gay man is a six pack of beer.

Now lets address the pierced nipples on the first picture. Remember the days when only the gays did that shit? I am so tired of everyoen wanting to be like us!


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