Friday, July 11, 2008

Pity Party = OVER

I'm sorrow that I was so friggin' depressing about my trip to the Vet with Miss Emmy this morning. As I've mentioned before, anything "medical" turns me into a weird and crazy bitch. That crazy bitch must have been the one that posted that whiny, self-absorbed pity party a while ago.

First of all - my cat is alive. She is 15 friggin' years old, and she's still alive. I am THRILLED about that. And as soon as I'm done with this post, I am leaving work early and going home and cuddling with her. Even though she is probably still PISSED at me for making her leave the apartment. In 15 years, she has been outside only 4 times: 3 Vet visits, and last year when we moved (down the block). It freaks her out each time, and it's the ONLY time she "meows". In fact, I didn't even think she knew how to "meow" until that first Vet visit.

Second, I will find a way to get to New Orleans in six weeks. My flight and hotel are already paid for - so all I need is money to spend. And my dear Dan already felt so bad for me that he offered to buy me drinks while we're down there. I declined, but I might just have to change my mind. Note to Dan: I drink A LOT.

And Third, thanks to Laura for the suggestion of a "donation" button into a Paypal account. But absolutely not - maybe if I needed a liver transplant or something - but I would NEVER impose upon you all for something like this. My financial dramas are MY doing, and no one else's problem. And besides, as you may have noticed from the 'layout' of my blog, I don't even know enough to do a "blog roll" - let alone set up a donation button. It's a sweet thought, but I'll make this work.

Every single last one of you gives me joy every single day. I LOVE this blog, but I love you guys even more. Please take a look at today's Daddy "Armando", and my Top Haircut recap. Unfortunately, my Debbie Downer antics put a damper on those two posts.

Now, I gotta get outta here and go pick up some Cat Litter. Because there is NO way I can show up at my apartment without a 'present' for Miss Thang!!



Zombie Mom said...

Just a drive by to send my love to you!!!

Kisses to you and Ms. Pussy-thang....


mistress maddie said...

Girl- if you can't tell us your wows who can you tell?We all have those moments.I swear we have the same cat.Ours never makes a noise either.Sometimes I forget we have one she's so quite.Now,chin up,ass out and chest tight.It will get better you'll see!

theminx said...

Dammit...that wasn't "Laura" that was me! I keep forgetting to sign out of the BSG gmail account before I post

Jennie said...

You rock, Mr. David. I really admire your attitude and not letting the situation weigh you down. But please know, we adore you happy or sad. And I didn't say it in my last comment, but Emmy is a gorgeous cat! Makes me wish we could have one.

Beth said...

are you sure you're not a straight guy posing as a gay guy???? cuz straight guys KNOW they better come home with a gift for Miss Thang!!!! Gay guys EXPECT the gift!!! ;)

and I love my "lucky charm" to death...I wonder if he knows that?.....

now quit yer cryin, you big queen!!! ;)

Berry Blog said...

6 weeks...don't eat, don't drink, don't spend.Ha ha...where will Emmy go when you travel? a 5th time out of the apartment? glad to hear you are feeling a little better anyway.
Dan's calling it close too what with his closing on a house and moving. Whaddya do, unpack the bedding first or the pots n pans? Y' can carry a roll of toilet paper.
Stay UP kiddo and you'll make it.What's this too hammered to take picts? don't do that to us.

Joy said...

Don't apologize for that other post. That's how you felt, and if you can't tell us, then what are blog friends for? I have a zumba video on my blog just for you. The instructor might cheer you up as well as some of the rest of us!

Love you, Dust Bunny King! xoxoxoxo

Renee said...

I'm praying that Emmy will be ok and that you can go on vacation. Can I kitty-sit for Emmy while you're gone? :-)

Dan said...

We are family David. The good the bad and the ugly, which I know we will see a lot of in NOLA! Like I said I know a bartender or two that will get us cheap drinks! Cheap boys follow!

Jimbo said...

Everybody is entitled to a pity party every now and again. I'm glad things are looking brighter now. Keep thinking happy thoughts and you'll be on your way to New Orleans before too long.

Oh, and Dan drinks like a fish.

David Dust said...

Thanks Everybody -

Emmy is doing much better and is chillaxing beside me on the couch.

Thanks for your kind wishes, I too am feeling better. And FYI: my roommate and/or best friend will be able to take care of Miss Emmy Louise when I'm gone. But Renee - I'll keep you as a backup/backup plan :)


mikeinbama said...


I know this will get you out of your pity party.

Mikey V from Design Star use to do porno and I have proof. I will email you the information. I know this will knock you out of your pity party

David Dust said...

Mike - someone emailed me the info this morning - I just posted about it.


Mark in DE said...

I admire you for taking responsibility for your actions!

Glad Emmy is doing better.

I can help you with a blogroll if you want.

Mark :-)

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