Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hola Papi!


Marker said...

DDust you are too much! Day after day of hotness. Love you.

Love #4 in the red swimmers too - have you posted him before? If so I'm so NOT complaining--can't get enough of him. Actually I'd like to get more. Yum yum yum.

David Dust said...

Dear Marker - No, #4 is new. I wish I could find some more pics of him. Looks like there is A LOT going on in those swim trunks...


Marker said...

No kidding - the red swim trunks can barely contain all that meat.

Not to detract from
#1 and his awesome humpiness. (Move your hand Papi!!).
or #2 who is totally cut and obviously has some big hands
or #3 and his super sweet face, tight bod and unbuckled belt,
or #5 and his rockin bod and most excellent shorts that reveal quite a bit when viewed from the front
or of course magnificent #6 and his killer pecs, huge arms (SO NICE) and studly face.

Whew - thanks DDust. :)

Anonymous said...

#2, #4 - yes there is quite a bit to eat there, and #5. #5 looks especially innocent. I've had innocence before. It tastes great.



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