Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Runway Live Chat!

Dust Bunny Kayce M (AKA Chef The City) will be doing a live "Stickam Chat" during Project Runway tonight. I'm still not too sure what in the hell a "Stickam" is, but whatevs - it's what the kids are into these days. I'm starting to sound like my grandmother...

Here is a YouTube video with the information on the chat:

And here is the actual chat site:

Kayce will be watching the show, and chatting with other views LIVE. I would tune in but: a) I still don't own a computer (I use my computer at work); and b) I will be frantically taking notes for my recap during the airing of Project Runway. But I encourage others to tune in and see what Kayce has to say.

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