Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daddy Of The Day - Davier


Anonymous said...

D is for Dildo which I will not need if
A is for Allowing him to fill me with his seed.
V is for Vices we'll practice with glee;
I is for In me as deep as can be.
E is for Easy for him he will see -
R is for Ready I'm Cumming Get down on your knees.

Yes Travis is ready to Davier please.


Update -- Me and Angel are broke up. But the ride was good. I loved the ride. Well, you know I love riding. Long hard rides are especially good. And I met several of his friends which might be why we broke up.

David Dust said...

Travis - Sorry to hear about you and Angel. I had an Angel once too. One of these, I will write a book about us - it was DRAMA.

I'm sure Angel's friends will be just as entertaining...


Beth said...

awwww. Travis, that's sad. I don't know who Angel was but I hate to hear of anyone breaking up....although I doubt you'll be single for long! ;)

and would you look at the butt on this guy? you could bounce a quarter off that thing!

Frater Gymnos said...


Mark in DE said...


Mark :-)

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