Monday, July 21, 2008

White Meat Monday - The Friends Edition...

I got a rare treat this weekend - VISITORS! My longtime friend (and "sister") Steve (AKA Maddie) and Curt (Steve's boyfriend/husband/spouse of 7 years), came to NYC on Saturday. Curt, who's still in his twenties (albeit LATE twenties - that bitch!), is taking a Spanish course - where he was instructed to write about a recent "cultural experience". Everyone knows there is no better place in the U.S to get your "cultcha" on than in New York City.

Curt chose to go to the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which houses its' Medieval European art collection. The Cloisters is located in way UPPER Manhattan, in the middle of Fort Tryon Park. Everyone had always told me how beautiful the museum and park were, but I had never been there myself. So Maddie and Curt drove from the suburbs of Philadelphia to Manhattan on Saturday. I met them in the early afternoon (they came bearing gifts of BEAN DIP! - it's a long story), and we headed onto the subway for the trip uptown.

Curt had never ridden on the NYC subway system before, so that could have been his "cultural experience" right there. We made it to 190th Street, and wandered our way through Fort Tryon Park, until we got to the magnificent Cloisters.

The land for the park, the buildings themselves, and most of the artwork was purchased by John D. Rockefeller in the 1930's, and donated to the City. Hey, it was the Great Depression - he needed the tax write-off. Rockefeller even purchased the New Jersey Palisades across the Hudson River, to insure the spectacular views that we still enjoy today. That must have been SOME write-off! The most famous part of the collection are the "Unicorn Tapestries" - the most recognizable of which is below:

The buildings are made up of old French monasteries that Rockefeller had shipped here and re-assembled, creating a compound with towers, gorgeous gardens, and soaring vaulted ceilings. And the views from the Cloisters are truly incredible.

Maddie and the view of the Hudson River/The Palisades (New Jersey)

Here are some more of the pictures we took. I went ahead, took a deep breath, and decided to post (for only the 2nd time) pictures of my hefty self. It wasn't easy. Notice how I made Maddie stand in front of me. If I can just get that ONE CHILD, somewhere out there, to put down that Twinkie - this will have all been worthwhile. Ugh. I am truly embarrassed by how I look.

Curt, Fat Albert, and Maddie. Sorry it's so blurry - Maddie was trying to
operate the "timer" so we could all get in the picture.

Maddie needs to move more to the right and cover up my left moob.

After our trip, we headed downtown for dinner, and then ended up at the historic Stonewall bar for a drink (or three). Maddie and Curt continued on to a couple of bars in Chelsea - and I went home so I could be rested up for Design Star recapping on Sunday. After a long day (and evening), Maddie and Curt made it back to PA just BRIMMING with culture.

It was great seeing both of them - and I hope to see them again in September for GAY CAMPING. More information to follow...

I may actually have a few more pics to post (for any Chubby Chasers who may be interested in me). The pictures above were from Steve and Curt's camera. I will download mine later and see if there is anything worth sharing.


Beth said...

Don't even go there with ME, girlfriend!!! I think you look fabulous and I love every single inch of if that makes me a "chubby chaser" then, so be it. Tranny....oh, where do I even START with you??;) Do I have to bitch at you the whole damn time, and remind you to be NICE to yourself? Huh? You are a FANTASTIC DIVA and if someone doesn't like you, then SCREW 'EM! especially if it's a good looking Papi!! ;)

I love you Tranny. When I come to visit you, I don't want to visit anything this boring ;) I want go-go bars!!!


theminx said...

It looked like a fun (and blurry) time was had by all. :)


Dan said...

Its good to see you enjoying the culture! Cant wait for you and I to be doing the same thing in NOLA!!!

Beth said...

that's so not fair...I wanna come with you and Dan!!! :(

Berry Blog said...

I hiked up there from 86th street many times during my bumming days. Had no sense of time and space in NYC as a newbie- everything was just far away but do-able. I think NYC folk get more exercise than we country boys- you walk everywhere- we drive to the corner and back.
Like hearing about your escapades in the city. Tell more, and more often.
Hey with your charm and compassion, what are you worried about looks for? Papis are over rated. How long can they hold a conversation? I can remember guys who were more in angst over a pimple than I was about my whole appearance. One sign of a blemish and they were disabled, making the evening hell in their presence.

Howard said...

The blur is a nice touch, babe. LOL.

So great for Maddie to come calling, and bring the teenager along. Damn.

Maddie has almost convinced me to do the gay camping thing, to go hunting bear....

David Dust said...

I wish I could have gotten ALL those pictures to blur.

OK Beth - when you come to NYC, I PROMISE not to make you go to any museums.

But NYC DOES have the "Museum of Sex". That might be fun!


Joy said...

Sounds like so much fun. I went to the Metropolotian when I was there and the UN, Central Park, expensive stores, the World's Fair, but didn't get to the Guggenheim, MOMA, some plays, and many more places! There is so much I'd like to do and see there. I MUST go back!

The good thing about my next trip is that you'll be there and I can see you, too!!

Love you - Love your hair blog!


SailorAlphaCentauri said...

The Unicorn Tapestries actually was included in the opening credits of my favorite film, The Last Unicorn, so I would love to come out to that museum to see that (and everything else).

What? I grew up in the Cleveland Museum of Art and I'm a museum whore.

That, and my tie to Rockefeller is that he commissioned my grandmother's house (and two others in the neighborhood that form a triangle) and her house is the biggest with the large yard and the trees [And he's buried in Lake View Cemetery, but it goes without saying that I also love visiting cemeteries because you can learn so much about the past in them. Did I happen to mention that I'm rather weird?]. It makes you forget you're in the city when you see it.

And even though it's been said, I love the blurry effect on the picture. It actually looks really cool.

Timmy said...

1. The blur effect is VERY Doris Day.

2. I didn't know the street numbers went that high!

3. Very interesting story about The Cloisters.

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like a great time!

Mark :-)

David Dust said...

Joy - When you come to NYC, we should really go to the Cloisters. It is really a nice experience.

Sailor - You're coming with us! Especially since you have the Rockefeller "connection" and already know about the tapestries.

Timmy - the streets in Manhattan go up to 200-something. Maybe 215 or 220 or something like that. The neighborhood is called "Inwood", and is primarily a quiet residential area.

Sights and sounds said...

I've never heard of the cloisters.. what's wrong with me?!!? I'll have to check it out next time I'm down to the city.

David Dust said...

Sights and Sounds - It really is worth your while. And DON'T pay the "suggested donation" of $20! As long as you give them something, they must let you in. It is part of their charter with the City. I paid $10.00 and they didn't bat an eyeball.

mistress maddie said...

David -again it was so good to see you!We had a blast!And again snap out of it!Your a wonderful person inside and out.

Beth-I give you all rights if he continues his tirides to give him a smack or two.And I have a felling if you two go to a go-go bar that will be a handfull,but a good one!


mistress maddie said...

Howard-you should really try it once.There are twinks, daddies ,bears and gym bunnies there also.Something for everyone.It is really a blast and I'm still in shock I enjoy it.As for the little one,It is so hard to find a trustworthy baby sitter these days!

Curt said...

Yes, thank you again. We really had a blast - I must confess to everyone that we did, indeed, from time to time have to point out to people that, yes, our tour guide was indeed "THE FAMOUS DAVID DUST".

Well, not so much tell in words as through interpretive miming. But still, fun. :)

Renee said...

You're speck-tac-ular David, and I love you just the way you are. :-)

Kwana said...

You look wonderful!!! I'm so happy to see your cuteness. And you were in one of my fave spots.

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