Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We Are...PENN STATE!!!

Peekaboo! This is for MikeInBama. We've been having our own two-person Pep Rally in the comments section of my Design Star recap.

And BTW, Joy - you started it!



Mark in DE said...

I absolutely LOVE peekaboo shots like these! There's something so innocent yet sexy about them. Feel free to send me any others you may stumble upon or purposely seek out. You know how to reach me.

Mark :-)

David Dust said...

Mark -

I'll see what I can do...


mikeinbama said...

You should have posted a picture fo the gorgeous John Parker Wilson, Alabama's starting quarterback.

mikeinbama said...


Check out John Parker!

David Dust said...

Mike -

Wow! I'll have to give you that one - he is gorgeous. For a white boy, anyway. He has a bright future in porn if the whole football thing doesn't work out.


Joy said...

What's a Nittany Lion anyway?

Go Vols!

That QB is gorgeous for sure. Thanks for the link!

Howard said...

I went to a college with no football team, although I think they have have one now. But there were some great frat parties...

mikeinbama said...

Joy, I have something for you from last year.


It's a cheer for the Vols from last year.

Joy said...

Same with my son, Howard. He went to Sewanee (The University of the South). My undergraduate degree is from UT, so it's "Rocky Top" I'll be singing.

My brother is a big UT fan, and his son is for Alabama and even named his dog Bama. His groom's cake was crimson and white and decorated accordingly. My niece is a Kentucky fan. Bear Bryant's coaching career is legendary, and so is Adolf Rupp's.

I'm definitely for SEC teams when they don't play Tennessee. But I'll be for Penn State when they play other teams just for you, DD. Sorry, Mike, but I have to be for the War Beagles when they play the Tide. My close friends who went there would kill me. I will secretely cheer just for you part of the game, though.

Joy said...

OK, Mike, I take back any promises of cheering at all for Bama even though I'll still be for them when playing non-SEC teams ... maybe. I'll have to think about it. Just wait.

The only Big 10 Conference team I'll ever be for is Penn State, though. I do have my prejudices.

mikeinbama said...


It was like a knee jerk reaction when I saw Vols. Besides Auburn, I loath Tennessee. I had to show you the video from lst years game when we did our Rammer Jammer cheer.

David Dust said...

Thank you, my Darling Joy. Your support is greatly appreciated.

And a Nittany Lion is the FIERCE and mighty mountain lions that once roamed Mount Nittany - the mountain that overlooks campus.

Ok - so it's kinda a made up mascot, and Mount Nittany is more like a hill - but Nittany Lions are FIERCE nonetheless.

It's no worse/better than a Crimson Tide or a Volunteer...

But what in the HELL is a War Beagle???

mikeinbama said...

Hey Hey, stop ganging up on me...LOL

This is a vulgar cheer that we use to do a the bar before football games:

Cock sucker
mother fucker
eat a bag of shit
cunt hair
douche bag
bite your momma's tit
Who's the best football team
when all the rest suck?

Alabama Crimson Tide
Rah Rah

Joy said...

It's actually War Eagles - the Auburn mascot along with Tigers. My close friends and Auburn almuni sometimes call them War Beagles just to be funny. I am SO for Auburn now even more than ever!!! (but still think you're hot, Mike, and like you ... after all, I love my nephew)

Don't tell anyone, but I'm really not that much of a football fan even though I did start this. That's blasphemy in the South.

I'll blog about this. Check it out.

Glad to know about the fierce Nittany Lions because, David, you are FIERCE!

Curt said...

Love to see some NITTANY LION pride here!

Shit on Pitt! :)

David Dust said...

Way to keep it classy, Alabama!


David Dust said...

Curt -

I always forget you're a Penn Stater also.

Any Notre Dame freaks out there I can piss off?!?


Kevin said...

Boo Penn State!

P-I-T-T all the way baby!

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