Monday, July 28, 2008

Vote Early and Often!

Dust Bunny correspondent VickiD reports that Jen is ahead in the HGTV message board polling. SO LET'S GET VOTING FOR FRIEND-OF-THE-DUST-BUNNIES, MATT LOCKE!

To vote via Internet: go to Click on the "Vote Now" icon (or simply click here). You will see a round circle underneath the designtestant you'd like to vote for (MATT!). Click on this circle under your favorite designer (MATT!). Then click the "VOTE" box between Matt and Jen's pictures. You can vote in this manner once per day. However, if you have a work AND a home computer, you can vote TWICE.

To vote via text message: send the letter “B” (for MATT!) to HGTV1 (44881). You can vote in this manner up to 5 times per day.


Howard said...

One of my coworkers left early today, so I slipped onto his computer and now Matt has another vote! LOL

Renee said...

Go Howard!

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