Thursday, February 26, 2009

These Companies Hate The Gays

According to Queerty, the following companies are the ten worst for gays and lesbians. They were "chosen for their national influence, prominence, history of corporate bigotry and the likelihood you can do something about it."

1. Exxon/Mobil
2. Walmart Stores, Inc.
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Manchester Grand Resorts
5. Salvation Army
6. Domino's Pizza
7. Cinemark
8. Brown-Forman Corp.
9. AutoZone Inc.
10. A-1 Self-Storage Company

Read about the individual companies and why they made the list HERE.


Bob said...

WalMart--don't go there because they treat their employees like crap.
Cinemark--I heard about following the Prop H8 mess.
Exxon--Pfffft corporate greed.
Salvation Army--When we see those fools ringing their bells at Christmas we tell them we don't donate to anti-gay causes.

The rest I didn't know about.

Thanks David

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Urban Outfitters?! That is the gayest place on Earth?! Are they really homophobic? That sucks, because I know queens who go there every Saturday to get their bar drag for the night!

Berry Blog said...

Thank God for our David, Arby's is not on the list.
Those poor greeters at Walmart! Most are so old with no place to sit down for a break. In fact there are so many register gals who look like they might collapse on the job.And when not busy, must go out to the end of their counter and coax people in. They tell me they'd rather be busy to pass the time more quickly.

Sam said...

Before driving this truck, I worked at the Wal-Mart D.C. in New Bruanfels, Tx for 10 years. A couple of college a-holes tried to pull a Matthew Shepard on me, and upper management thought it was just a cute college prank. BIATCHES. I've got stories.

Jennie said...

Thank you for the heads up. I'm still avoiding Bolthouse Farms products and complained loudly when my local Winco began carrying their carrots exclusively. Guess what? They're carrying another brand now.

Still boycotting Cinemark. We rarely see full price movies, but I did send them the $52 in movie ticket stubs from when I took my daughter and friends to see Twilight, and a letter that explained I drove a half hour, just to give my money to Regal.

It's always good to know what your money is supporting. I'm dropping my membership to Sam's Club immediately.

mistress maddie said...

Urban Outfitters shocks me as the one in Philly and King of Prussia has alot of the Mistress's gay connections employed there!!! And I hate Wal-Mart to begin with, because they put all the local business out! I'll take Target any day!

Mark in DE said...

Wow, I'm going to repost this on my blog.

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