Monday, September 28, 2009

Bunnies With iPhones

Many of us have seen guys on hookup sites who take pictures of themselves in the mirror using their iPhones. There are entire websites devoted to the phenomenon.

Blogger (and talented artist) David Gilmore loves Bunnies, so he has come up with "Bunnies With iPhones". After all, why should dudes have all the fun?

For more information, go HERE. Also, Gilmore is a BIG "Real Housewives" fan and has drawn most of them, including Kim from Atlanta...

Check out his blog, Pretty On The Outside - it's always a lot of fun.


mikeinbama said...

I tried calling you Saturday? Did you get my missed message?

mistress maddie said...

I believe that Rozz will be getting herself a iphone direct from the President of the company from next to nothing! Oh Rozz!


Joy said...

Cute bunnies! How many Dust Bunnies have iPhones? Not moi!

Oh gosh! I used to get those pictures from men who took theirs in the mirror. I'd almost forgotten those. Let me know how to find those websites, so I can see if I recognize anyone. LOL

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