Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hate Mail

Yesterday I did a post about racist buttmunch Glenn Beck - and did I ever get a doozy of a comment! Normally I would just hit "reject" and move on, but this comment was so EPIC in its racism, hatred, paranoia and stupidity - that I just had to share it with all of you.

I warn you: this inbred idiot throws around the N-word quite a bit (which I've modified because I WILL NOT have that vile word on this blog). I've also modified other curse words because I'm classy like that...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Do H8ters Make Glenn Beck Cry?":

David, you really are terminally f*cked up! You and the rest of your idiot minions [Note from David - I have "minions"?!?] will be chanting the praise Obama songs as you are being led away to concentration camps for anyone of hundreds of reasons that are being buried in legislation right now.

Going to pay your mandatory health care premiums while they ration care because the doctors refuse to participate in the program? Now there is going to be jail time and a $25,000 fine.

I can tell you, I am not paying one f*cking dime of it. And I have already written that worthless n*gg*r and told him just that!

Why aren't you reporting on the Cap and Trade bill that is being introduced today and will be voted on before any Congressman can even read it. Not that they would understand a word, but it would be a nice gesture.

When you can't afford to drive a car, turn on your utilities and you are taxed to death by hidden taxes, especially the VAT tax, in everything you consume are you still going to suck that n*gg*r's dick and chant his praises?

Oh yes, you love jailbait and n*gg*rs. Maybe you can get a government job of some sort or go to work for a union where they will pay less than the administrative costs of the healthcare policy.

You and the the rest of the gay bloggers need to be institutionalized for terminal stupidity. The information is right in front of you and none of you can comprehend its meaning or its effects, short or long term.

Why don't you move to Lybia? After all, the n*gg*r is shipping millions of our tax dollars to them right now, or didn't you know that? Do you even f*cking care?

Why don't you report on Obama's taxpayer all expense paid trip on Air Force One to Norway for the thug Chicago politicians, his staff and half his cabinet to promote the Olympics for n*gg*r ridden Chicago? Where the f*ck is there land in Chicago for such a massive project? Oh yes, urban renewal, so we can pay hundreds of billions for high rise housing for n*gg*rs to destroy just like they have every other HUD project in the USA. That will give more taxpayer money to the implosion companies so they can be destroyed and rebuilt with more taxpayer dollars.

Yes, Obama plays in Europe while all of the problems here in the USA are sinking this country and servicemen are in harms way. He can't even make a phone call to the commander in Afghanistan.

What a f*cking loser - both of you!

Yeah, the hate coming from the Right Wing has NOTHING to do with racism. Gross. As a result, I am now thinking of moving to "Lybia".

After doing some extensive internet research, I was actually able to find a picture of this guy. Turns out he's a typical Glenn Beck viewer...


kayce. said...

besides the rampant use of "the N-word", this rant is really, really fucking funny! i mean, i COULD take each little distortion/outright lie and counter it w/ fact, but what would the point be, really? after the first paragraph, i was overcome w/ LOLs... i can't believe there are people who prefer to live in a constant state of panic rather than educate themselves a bit. oh well.

Sozo's said...

Awe, can I be an ignorant ass like him when I grow up?

behrmark said...

This kind of comment is why I don't enter the political blogging arena. If I hate anything it's stupidity. And yes, David, you ARE a class act.

Behr Hugs!!

frogponder said...

I've always wanted to be a minion.

.::STELLA*DELLA::. said...


theminx said...

I think the scariest thing about that rant is that "anonymous" is clearly literate and probably well-educated. And probably not inbred.

Signed, your loving minion

Kate said...

This is a perfect illustration of my favorite Einstein quote:

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not so sure about the universe."


Another loyal minion.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

I'm with Minx, because most Americans don't know that a cap & trade bill was even in the works: they're too busy thinking about the economy.

Yeah, yeah ,yeah, we're all goin' to hell in a handbasket because of Obama. How cliche.

It's because of the fact that the Republican party and the conservative movement have imploded that people like this get the time of day on the news. And if commentators like this had actually lived in a country where there is government-provided health care, they might think it's not so bad, especially if they've ever had to pay out of pocket for COBRA coverage between jobs.

David, I like hearty political discourse, but even I'm wishing for the days where William F. Buckley could have a political debate with someone, but still be civil. He used language & reason to get his point across, not shrillness and asshattery. I'm not a conservative, but I am so disappointed that they've let the loonies start running the asylum.

Bob said...

The issue I have with folks like Anon, aside from his completely unbiased and antiracist viewpoint, is the use of profanity.
Now, I enjoy a good curse word every now and again--mostly now--but it has no place when you are trying to make a rastional point. Something this asshat--see, profanity works there--knows nothing about.
One last thing: I'd like to toss my hat into the ring to be appointed Chief Minion Advisor to Lybia.
Just sayin'.

Kyle said...

Minion # 263 of the Dust Bunny collective chiming in...

Although, I agree with theminx that this commenter is educated and I would certainly say they can spew venom, I think they are probably innocuous in the real world. As kayce points out they can barely pull themselves together long enough to pull together a coherent comment on a blog and they lack the courage to blog as themselves. I certainly can't believe they could hold things together long enough to write a letter to the president. At least not one that would be taken seriously. They are obviously frustrated, paranoid, and intellectually and emotionally sterile.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I find it interesting that prior to the election, these conservative idiots were relatively quiet. They were all hangin their heads in embarassment in the background while the brilliant Sarah Palin did their talking for them. Now that they've lost the election, they are coming out of the woodwork with the "elequent diatribe". A bit late, I would say! It's easy to complain, much harder to campaign! Can we have DDWE III in Libby-ya?

mark said...

oh my lord!
why is this douche reading a gay blog anyways?
sorry you had to be subjected to such hate

truth said...

I'm a minion! Cool.

The only thing your photo is missing is his Klan hood. This guy is really frightening.

David Dust said...

Fuck yeah - I HAVE MINIONS!!!!

Oh crap ... was that an appropriate place to curse?!? I need to ask my Chief Minion Advisor to Lybia. He also happens to be in charge of Curse Placement :)

Anyfuckingwhore ... I just want to let my minions know how much I love 'em!!!

BTW - Some Anon buttlick tried to leave a non-clever and non-funny comment ... but I hit "reject". COMMENT FAIL, Douchebag!! :)


Dan said...

and we are not supposed to think this doesnt stem from racism? The person has some points definatly worth discussion, I know girl this is me saying that, but the message gets lost with all of the hate.

Too bad, but doesnt it feel good to know that Geroge Bush reads your blog!

Big Mark 243 said...

I didn't know that I was a 'minion' ... or gay (not that it matters, jus' sayin').

This is the kind of willful ignorance that is going to make things worse for people before they get better. Not all of his tangents are actually that far off, but because there is so much hate a predjudice behind them, they don't stand up for debate.

If you could reason with someone like this ... ah, but that is the problem. His fear makes him unreasonable and therefore he is what he is. A dummy.

David Dust said...

Dan - LOL. But I don't think Dubya knows how to read.

And maybe my female stalker who always leaves comments calling me fat and telling me to kill myself is Sarah Palin?!? But then again, she's another non-reader...


alnhouston said...

"It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace... "
- "Imagine", John Lennon

Beth said...

Mark is right--there is no reasoning with someone like this, because they cannot get past their anger and think rationally. And that's how you end up ignorant.

Lybia...hahaha! Is that anything like Labia?

Oh, and newsflash, Anon: Copenhagen is in DENMARK, not Norway. Looks like someone was sleeping in World Geography class!

Your faithful Filet Minion,

polkadotoes said...

I have absolutely no patience for that horrible word, and like many have said this person has some topics that could be discussed but nothing is worth while when it comes from such ignorant hate.

Also, wouldn't we be happy to have the Olympics come to our country? Wouldn't it provide lots of jobs to construction workers, architects (boy do we need jobs!!), the food service industry, hotels/housing in the city, a kick start to the local economy and hopefully the rest of the country when world wide travelers come to visit for the games...oh that's right, no white people live in Chicago and money is only well spent on people of fair skin. My bad.

Can we send all these anons to Tool Academy 3??


Jennie said...

Can we start calling ourselves Bunny Minions? Because I could get into that.

I'm continually shocked at the complete lies people will buy into, just to keep from admitting that they can't get behind a black President. This ridiculous Fox News shit needs to be called what it is, so ignoramuses like your lovely hater have to face the fact that they are racists.

Damn it, I am so pissed off right now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many things come to mind to say. First of all, not sure if the photo is sad or funny, but certainly quirky. This anon person is so lacking in communication skills that he/she resorts to using curse words or racial slurs. I do despise Glenn Beck and how he and others like him have been able to gin up the far right in this way. As for SP, guess Levi was right, she quit for the almightly dollar. I heard something yesterday that made me laugh.....that she has now written a book before she ever read one. I personlly hope the games go to Rio. First, because I think it is time they were in So. America. Secondly, due to people like this anon person, terror from the inside is just as likely as terror from the outside....unfortunate, but I think true. The hatred is virulent and almost palpable.
LB anon Minion

cjcat said...

I'm not surprised by racism, sexism or discrimination based on sexual orientation. I knew how much of that existed. What has surprised me these past eight years is the strain of fascism we've seen pop up. I would have never guessed there were so many closet Nazis in my country.

My suspicion is your Anon is Beck himself. He probably googled himself and found your post. That rant sounds like something he would post anonymously.

Wonder Man said...

who is that fool, send them to me

miss alaineus said...

i am damn proud to be a minion!

when people hide behind rhetoric and curse words it tells me i could have a more productive conversation with an 8 year old about bedtime.

i am all for people that can make a point. the only point this one made is that ignorance is rampant in our country and we must continue to speak out against discrimination in all forms, racism, sexism, bias because of age, bias because of physical stature, or bias because of sexual orientation.

again, damn proud to be a minion.


Mr.Mischief said...

I know exactly what is wrong with this country - it's people like that...

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I want minions! Can I get some at Minion-Mart?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Don't you love Anon's. This one has obviously spent lots of time in their VAT of stupidity and hatred.

I have to admit I am shocked that Chicago is considering spending hundreds of billions on the Olympics :o)


Joy said...

Does that make me Grand Duchess of the Minions?

Why don't these cowards ever identify themselves and quit posting anonymously. The Troll on my blog identified herself.

David Dust said...

Auntie Flame -

Yes - you are the Grand Duchess of the Bunny Minion Army.

LOL re: your Troll. I noticed that she's still around! Lucky you!!


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