Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday To Mama Bunny!

Happy Birthday to my darling Mother - Mama Bunny. Many of you have become acquainted with my Mom through her amusing comments and her recent Shear Genius recap. Two of Mom's recent comments are CLASSIC Mama Bunny - and sum her up perfectly.

Last week I was horrified when a coworker made an unkind comment about my sick cat Emmy, who is doing GREAT (knock wood), BTW. My Mother made two separate comments - here is the first one:

Mama Bunny sez:

TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Do not let this asshat (I love that name -- I learned it from you) push your buttons again -- you give him too much power when you lose your temper. I know you are heartsick about Emmy, but you must remain calm when dealing with this asshat. asshat asshat asshat

Mama Bunny

After a four-hour simmer, Mama Bunny added:

Mama Bunny sez:

My first comment was Good Mommy. Bad Mommy wants equal time: WHERE IS THAT DIRTY FORK YOU HAVE BEEN THREATENING TO STICK IN SUEDE'S NECK? Just take a deep breath and STICK THAT BITCH! With our family history of mental illness, there is not a jury in the country that would convict you.

Mama Bunny

Seriously, you all have NO IDEA how much those two comments sum up my fabulous Mother. I love you Mom - and I hope you got the Junior's Cheesecake and card I sent. I'll call you later.


Your Proud and Loving Son,



Zombie Mom said...

Mama Bunny sounds like my kind of gal!!!

I love that she is good and bad mama - because, well, I channel the good and bad as well.

Makes for more interesting mommy-ing

Happy Birthday to Ms. Momma Bunny!!! Thanks for being born, growing up and giving us David Dust!!!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Mama Bunny!
Enjoy your cheesecake. :-)

Berry Blog said...

Best wishes for another great year with you and Mom together. Until last fall I had a stepmom who was more mom than mom and I miss her terribly.She was a trainload of walking contradictions, a mountain of misinformation, a full pantry of home remedies, a plethora of old wives tales, and a close, dear friend.
So I know how wonderful it feels to have a mom in your corner, and you in hers. I love reading the repartees between the two of you. She seems to be a hep gal with a heap of common sense and delightful humor.

Timmy said...

Happy Birthday greeting from Houston, TX to Mama Bunny!

mikeinbama said...

Happy Birtday Mama Bunny!

theminx said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Mama Bunny!! (Will you adopt me?)


Howard said...

Happy Birthday, Mama Bunny! You are fabulous, and have a fantastic son. And a nice piece of cheesecake!

Dan said...

Happy Birthday Mama Bunny!


your newly adopted son

chef_the_city said...


Anonymous said...

Mama Bunny sez: I am BLESSED and GRATEFUL! My life is enriched and enhanced immeasurably because the FABULOUS DAVID DUST is my son. Thank you for making me laugh loud and often. and for the cheesecake.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday to Mamma Bunny!!!!

I am glad that your cat is doing better.

Joy said...

Charlie expressed my sentiments eloquently, so ditto what he said. My son and I have that kind of relationship, so I know how special it is. My mother and I are close, too. It's wonderful!

Happy Birthday, Kindred Spirit of a Mama! I wish you many more and a fabulous year!

Joy said...

I could so definitely be your aunt, and you know I could! I'd fit right in. That means I'd be Dan's aunt, too.

Auntie Mame aka Aunt Dancing Bunny Flame

Love you! Love your Hare!


David Dust said...

Joy -

"Love your hare"...



David Dust said...

Auntie Flame:

My (real) brother's name is also Dan - so add another nephew to your collection.


Dan said...

A new Mama and a new Aunt!


Beth said...

awwww Happy Birthday Mama Bunny!!!!!

Joy said...

Auntie Flame! Perfect! I added it to my profile as my name! LOL

I like the role of aunt and have practice. Welcome, David and Dans!


Joy said...

Do I need a red wig and a boa?

~ Auntie Flame XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mama Bunny, I love asshat as well! Fabulous insult, isn't it? Happy Birthday!

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

I apologize for being late on this, but happy belated birthday Mama Bunny.

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