Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Second Blogiversary!

[This is a re-posting - with updates - of my first blogiversary post]...

Today marks my two year blogiversary! [NOTE FROM DD: Since I am in Pennsylvania, I almost forgot about this]. On August 22nd, 2007, I began this journey with the following post:

Is this thing on?

This is my first post. I hope this shit works.

Posted by David Dust at 5:23 PM

Pure poetry, yes? I know… and it’s been downhill ever since…

I started DavidDust exactly 4 days prior to my 40th birthday. I had been reading political blogs since before the mid-term elections of 2006. I had also stumbled across blogs with pictures of hot men like MostProper and Hoodsworld. But then I discovered Joe.My.God – a blog written by a gay New Yorker about New York and gay issues. He seemed to be having a good time with his blog, and his readers were (and are) extremely loyal – some commenting on almost every post. Joe.My.God made me want to start my own blog. So I did.

First of all, I needed a name. I wasn’t feeling very creative, so I happened upon a Band Name Maker. Yes, this is what you would use if you and a couple of buddies started a rock band in your basement. I typed in the word “David” – and out came a list of potential Band Names. One of them was “David Dust”. It sounded like “Fairy Dust” to me, so that’s the name I chose. Although I kind of like some of the other choices:

Fried David
Godless David
Nose of the David Nurse, or
David Queer – but I’d been called that enough in Middle School.

So “DavidDust” it was. At first I had no idea what I wanted to blog about. In fact, I thought I would simply write about my experiences turning 40 years old. I know: BORING! So I decided to post a couple of pictures of a hot Papi I saw on MostProper – and I called him the Daddy of the Day. To this day, HotDeiselLat is still one of my favorites.

Almost immediately I figured out that I would post pictures and stories about things I found interesting. I decided to create the perfect blog – for ME, and no one else. If other people liked it, that simply meant they shared my incredibly good taste. So that’s what I did, posted pictures of hot guys and other tidbits.

That was until November 15, 2007 – the day after Project Runway Season 4 premiered.

I had watched Project Runway the night before, and was immediately struck by how much Christian Siriano reminded me of “Mango” – the SNL character played by Chris Kattan. I did a blog search of other bloggers who had written about PR, and commented on their blogs about my “find”. My Mango post got some comments, and some recognition from other bloggers. Well, if you give me some attention, FORGET ABOUT IT, I’m going to keep doing whatever it was you gave me attention for. Positive reinforcement works that way, you know.

So the following week, while at my Dad’s house for Thanksgiving, I watched Project Runway and took some notes – and the following day I posted my “thoughts” on DavidDust. By week 3, I was doing full recaps. And people were starting to read them and make comments! I was in heaven.

I have to say, I completely fell into this recap thing by accident. I had studied journalism in college (although my degree ended up being in the generic “General Arts & Sciences”), and I considered myself a decent writer – but I never wrote anything. I never really wanted to write anything. I never even THOUGHT about writing anything.

Well, Project Runway recaps led to Top Chef, Step It Up and Dance, Design Star , and RuPaul's Drag Race recaps. I have been able to improve my writing and entertain myself and others. And some of you came on board as a result of one show or another and never left.

Therefore, the focus of my blog can be summed up into my simple tag line: “Hotties, Recaps, and Gay Stuff”. Simple as that.

My Dust Bunnies are too numerous to mention individually – I would be afraid I’d leave somebody out. You know who you are – if you’ve made a comment, sent me an email, talked to me on the phone, or met me in person – you are a Dust Bunny and therefore a friend. I wake up every day looking forward to hearing from you.

But there are two people I must single out for special recognition. DavidDust is what it is today because of these two wonderful individuals – Beth and Joy.

TrannyBeth and I bonded over Project Runway. We soon became “best girlfriends”, and I could always count on her to comment on my posts. For those non-bloggers out there, you won’t understand this – but comments are pure gold. It is instant gratification. Comments are an acknowledgement of good (or bad) work. I can always count on Beth to make comments and make me smile. I always say: Beth made blogging FUN for me. That is why she is the “Empress of the Dust Bunnies”.

The other person I’d like to recognize is my Darling Joy (AKA “Auntie Flame”). As a semi-retired teacher, she always complimented and encouraged my writing – before I even realized I WAS writing. Joy is also quick with a cute comment – but her encouragement of my writing made me want to write more. Because of this, Joy has her own title: “Grand Duchess of the Dust Bunnies”.

A milestone we celebrated this year was the first ever Drunken Dust Bunny Weekend, where a bunch of readers of this blog came together in NYC one weekend. It was an absolute blast, and we are doing it again October 23/24/25. PLAN ON BEING HERE!!

So, thank you to EVERYONE for giving me a great two years. Now let’s start Year THREE...

I love you biatches.



Joy said...

Oh, you make me feel so special! Thank you so very much for everything!

I went back to check when I first mentioned you and you commented on my blog (Joy's Updates then). It was fun seeing how we were when we first met and how we immediately formed a mutual admiration society!

You were a good writer to begin with but have gotten even better! Now you're famous and our very own tranny legend!

Love you! Love your blogiversary!


Wonder Man said...

I'm glad you are here and continuing the good work. I remember I was so happy when you responded to me for the first time. I'm glad to call you my friend

Anonymous said...

Aww, it was great to learn about your humble beginnings! ;) Your posts bring us Dust Bunnies just as much joy as our comments bring to you! Thanks for being your hilarious and heartfelt self, I am so happy I found you! :)

Tivo Mom said...

I was so excited to receive your first comment. I cannot get through a week without David Dust and I am so happy that you are still going strong.

Bob said...

Happy Blogiversary DD.

You say Joe.My.God. got you started blogging, well, it's all your fault, or you get the credit--depending on how one looks at things--for me starting my blog.
It's kinda like "gaying it forward"!

Thanks for that, and many more DustBunny years!


Anonymous said...


What a wonderful gift you have. I have been entertained by you more than you will ever know and I am grateful for each and every laugh.
A very Happy Blogiversary to you.
LB anon

Eric Arvin said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Kate said...

David, I've been reading your blog since my friend Minx first told me about it. I find it funny and touching and entertaining every day. Congrats on two years, and keep it coming! You're fabulous!

Beth said...

I loved reading the genesis of your blog, especially how you got the name. That's great! Congrats on your blogiversary, and I look forward to many more. You're one of my favorite reads! I've got a 3 year blogiversary coming up, and you've inspired me to write my own entry about how Nutwood came about. So yes, I am stealing your idea. LOL XOXO Love you, DD! Beth

frogponder said...

Many happy returns of the day and thank you to Blogging Project Runway for letting me know about your recaps :-)

Vin said...

Happy 2nd anniversablogery, or bloganaversary, or whatever...yeah. Keep up the good work!

DavidT said...

I have been a faithful reader for awhile now. Maybe I have never left a comment until today. But I had to congratulate you and let you know what fun your blog is.

Jimmy said...

Happy Anniversary.

Beth said...

oh honey...I love you so much. It's just a good old fashioned love fest up in here!!! YOU made blogging fun for ME...and I count on you more than you will ever lift me up, to make me smile, to make me laugh till I pee. I love ya girl!!!


Mechadude2001 said...

Congratulations on another milestone. The interwebs are better for having you. I really enjoy your blog, :) as you know. Sometimes I'm too busy to check most of the blogs, but yours is one that I check everyday without fail.

mikeinbama said...

Happy Anniversary David.....A shout out would have been nice...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Dear David=I was reading your PR recap today--on my side of the couch--and my husband kept asking me why I was laughing. So I showed him your Tim Gunn Kitty post. Congratulations, and please keep us laughing. All best, and can't wait to see photos of your kitten.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I found you through Str8upwithatwist, but it was your blog that made me think "damn, he's entertaining! I wonder if I could do that?"
The answer is "no, I can't do THAT", with my 56 followers and occassional comments, compared to the "franchise" you have created!
Still, I have enjoyed the time I spend in blogosphere and even more I've enjoyed the true love and admiration we share in our little blog network! And I credit that all to you! Thank you, my friend! I think that makes you my blog "Momma!"

Anonymous said...

I just adore you.


mistress maddie said...

Congrats Mame! Who do you think inspired me to start this shit! See ya soon!

JenM said...


miss alaineus said...

happy blogoversary!

i think i got here via miss ginger...been so long i dont remember!

you make me think, laugh, and occasionally spit liquids at my computer screen because you are a fantabulous writer and i really enjoy reading your recaps, updates, and just your general take on life.

many more, you truly do have a gift!


MCWolfe said...

David, I was sent to your blog by a friend at Thanksgiving 2007. Little did I know it would become a complete addiction! I came for Top Chef but have gotten so much more.

Thank you so much for using your gift to entertain us. You are a wonderful writer and the pictures of hotties don't hurt either.

Happy Blogiversary and many, many more!

Gilmore said...

Congrats! Thanks for all the great postings.

Howard said...

OK, I am behind in all this, but happy blogiversary. Damn, this week is crazy for me, but I can't believe I missed this!

I blame you and Tranny Beth for my own blog, dammit. You kept me laughing and make it look so darn easy, and TrannyBeth for convincing me I 'had' to have a blog.

buukfairy said...

Congratulations! You are one of my favorites and I read you daily. I'm a nasty ol' lurker, usually. The band name generator is brilliant, thank you! I typed in my favorite work-book-and one of the options was Book Duster! Isn't that perfect? Keep writing and know you've got one SoCal Momnerd pulling for you.

Marker said...

DAVID DUST is the first stop on my daily blogaround.




thegayte-keeper said...


Mark in DE said...

Happy blogiversary!! I don't know if you remember or not, but you found my blog through your Project Runway post search, and when I read you recap, I knew there was no reason for me to continue with my feable attempts at recap humor. You had that shit DOWN!!

Just prior to meeting you in person I was a little skerd that maybe I'd built you up in my mind into something more than you actually were, and that meeting you in person might ruin my image of you. Nothing could have been farther from the truth! When we met, I felt like we'd been friends forever. Seriously, I treasure our friendship.


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