Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Celebrity" Sightings: Project Runway's STELLA!!

I actually walked my fat ass home from work these past two days, and last night - while walking up 8th Avenue in Chelsea - I walked right past Stella Zotis from Project Runway. She looked really good (seriously) and was walking a dog. And NO, I didn't say anything - because I never say anything to anyone on the streets of NYC. Even if he's a hot Papi and his name is Franky G.

After seeing Stella at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Project Runway Show a couple of weeks ago, and now yesterday on the street - I kinda feel bad that I referred to her all last season as "Burnout Stella". Sorry darling.

And when I did a Google Image search for pictures of Stella, I came across a portrait that my new Blog Buddy Gilmore had created and posted on his great blog - Pretty On The Outside (below).

Please check out Pretty On The Outside HERE. Yesterday he posted portraits of the American Idol judges which are just too funny.


C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

Hey, the walk home is an accomplishment in itself, and you got a 'reward' for it too!

I, hick from the sticks, would've totally said hi. Not in that 'OMG STELL-AAAHHH!' or 'LEATHA!' way, but you know, just to say she was awesome for giving Rachel Zoe sh*t for dressing in mumuus.

I'm usually not the 'starstruck' kind of person...unless it's Tim Gunn. He's the only celeb I've met that's totally turned me into a stammering mess.

And Franky G would get at least a whistle, babe!

Anonymous said...

Whooo, Stella! I miss that girl. She was hilarious with all the leath-ah and gay little grommets.

Mark in DE said...

If I were you, I would totally stop and talk to every celebrity I saw on the street. Its a great way to network, plus imagine the conversations you could post on your blog!

Gilmore said...

Hey David! Thanks for the great shout out--- that's so nice of you. I love Stella aka Miss Leathah and my hope is that this morning she's pounding some metal studs onto a vest or jacket. Both of which would be leather of course.
As for Franky G--- sweet mother of hotness--- that's a frickin' staliion! I wasn't familiar with him before, but I'll be googling him after I post this.
Thanks for the second boner this morning. :)

Jimmy said...

I discovered Gilmore's site last year; it is so much fun.

Joy said...

At least say hello or nod!

Thanks for the link to that website. Gilmore's caricatures are spot on! Love those! I bookmarked his site.

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