Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dust Bunny Update

There's a lot going on in the BunnyNation right now...

First of all, the Empresss of BunnyNation - my beloved Beth (AKA "TrannyBeth" - above) basically live-blogged a dreaded trip to the Gyno's office. Read her post HERE. It is hysterical - with plenty of "cooter"-talk.

Dust Bunny Dwight has started a new series on his blog called "SIRveillance". Basically, he takes pictures of hotties on the sly and posts them on his blog. The hunk above is one of his "victims". Check out Dwight Supremacy HERE.

Howard is a loyal Dust Bunny and a former DavidDust Guest Blogger. Howard is also a fan of American Idol (that's him above with Ace Young), so he has teamed up with top Idol Blogger Rickey over at Howard recaps each Idol episode, and has his recap posted within 30 minutes after the show ends. That bitch works FAST! For ALL things American Idol related - go to

Joy, my "Auntie Flame" and the Grand Duchess of BunnyNation, fell last night after a theater trip to Nashville. She's fine, but I have threatened to come to Tennessee and wrap her in bubblewrap if she isn't more careful. Check in with our beloved Joy HERE.

Mama Bunny (my Mother) sent a quick email urging us to keep an eye out for the latest Cadbury Easter Egg Commercial...
You may have to watch the Food Network to see it, but try to catch the Cadbury Bunny Auditions commercial. It CRACKS.ME.UP. I love all the wannabe bunnies and I think the commercial only runs for a few weeks before Easter.
Like a good Bunny/Son - I tried watching the Food Network, but that shit gets old FAST. I even tried to find the commercial on YouTube, but all I could find was the old one with the pink bunny laying eggs. If anyone finds the new commercial, please send me the link.

Finally, I posted my interview with artist Rona Green yesterday - read it HERE. And don't forget - you have the opportunity to win the piece of art below - worth more that $350. All you have to do is email me a REAL picture of yourself. Bonus points if the picture includes bunnies or is taken at Arby's.

If you have anything you think I should know about, email me at Please keep in mind that I get LOTS of email, and I might not always be able to answer every single one.

>Peace, bitches.


Joy said...

Thank you!!! I'm feeling much better than I thought I would. My knee hurts but that's about it.

I edited that latest post about NYC and included you in it.

Beth said...

I checked out TrannyBeth's entry--hilarious! They really are NOT fun, but a necessary evil.

That last picture? The guy has those intense eyes that I think are so cool. I have a not-so-secret crush on Rahm Emanuel because he's got those eyes. I can hardly wait for summer so I can wear my I [heart] Rahm Emanuel T-shirt. It's a good thing my hubby doesn't embarrass easily!

Hugs, Beth

Renee said...

SIRveillance LMAO!
Sorry to hear about your fall, Joy. I hope you're feeling better.

Dwight Supremacy said...

Thanks for the shout out for SIRveillance (HA ... makes me smile that Renee got such a kick out of the name!) ... And I am already chuckling in anticipation of reading TrannyBeth's gyno visit post. One of my best friend's in an gyno, so I am sure I'll have to share it with him!

Beth said...

AUNTIE FLAME??!!! OH NO!!!! and bubble wrap sounds like a good idea.

I love you Tranny. that goes without are my HOMEGIRL!!!

and I gotta check out SIRveillance!!!

Mark in DE said...

Took my photos today!

Joy said...

Had my pictures taken today and need to get extra credit for wearing bunny ears outside Arby's in this small town where people know me!!!

Howard said...

You are too kind.

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